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N'Gai Croal grills Sony's Peter Dille over GTAIV Sales & GameStop's 64-36 Split - Level Up

Level Up writes:

"On Monday, GameStop exclusively revealed to Level Up that during the first week that Grand Theft Auto IV was available in its U.S. stores, 64 percent of all copies sold were for Xbox 360 and 36 percent for Playstation 3. We sought reaction from both Microsoft and Sony to GameStop's results and our impromptu analysis, a portion of which we shared with you on Monday. Today, we're publishing our conversations with the two console manufacturers in their entirety. We spoke by phone with Peter Dille, senior vice president for marketing at Playstation. Here's what he had to say..." (Grand Theft Auto IV, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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permutated  +   2752d ago
Who gives a sh!t which console sells more?

Remember when gamers cared about games, not about sales?

You people sicken me.
thenickel  +   2752d ago
You win the best comment of the week! bubbles
Peekay  +   2752d ago
For a second i thought i was in the wrong zone. This guy Peter answered questions with class and finesses. I've decided I like him.
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ItsIncognito  +   2752d ago
Good interview
Peter Dille sounded straight forward. Per haps more important when i read it I tought this guy is really to earth and modest. PR wise sony have wisened up.
KingME  +   2752d ago
Although I did think he answered the questions with class and finest, I also felt a bit of deception and dodginess on his part. The numbers were 64% - 36%. Instead of telling his story with the proper rounding of the numbers, (65 - 35) he went with 60-40 which in my opinion accounts for a lot of units sold when you are looking a 5+ million units.

Also, he played it out as if when the additional content comes out for GTA IV there will be no new games since GTA IV for the 360.

I don't know, to me Peter Dille during that interview was a business man doing what business men do. Spin things a bit, and provide the required amount of damage control and for that I commend him.
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Pornlord  +   2752d ago
Both answered the questions the way Any PR person would. Nobody slurred anyone else, only spoke of their strengths, not the weaknesses of the other, and we should all take a page from that book. And it's not that we care more about sales that games, just a couple like to mess with everybody else on the site, certainly got to you permutated.
ip-student  +   2752d ago
Well said
Both MS and Sony are going to spin it in a favorable manner but I much prefer the professional manner these two did it - no slamming the other, just talking up their strengths. And we will have to wait for the full story - will the DLC help MS more or will the fan loyalty help Sony more - time will tell.

But MS/Rockstar/Sony must be enjoying the surge in cash.
MainEventX  +   2752d ago
Common Sense
I dont think GTA has a new home on the 360 thats stupid to say. The reason it sold better on the 360 is because it has a larger install base. Thats like making Halo 4 multiplatform and the PS3 has a 5 to 6 million fanbase lead and selling more copies and saying well it looks like Halo has a new home on PS3. Plus microsoft pays for exclusives and other content and just like sony said they dont need to pay for no exclusives shows you how scared microsoft is of the Playstation.
PimpHandHappy  +   2752d ago
sales of systems
will tell the real story about the impact GTA is having. My guess more PS2 ppl bought PS3 for this game

so yea

Sony is still is the HOME of GTA if we see sales of PS3 go past the 360.

i mean the 360 did outsell the PS3 last month in NA
PimpHandHappy  +   2752d ago
what i find funny

Walmart Target and Best Buy each sell 3 times the games gamespot does. Its funny to think that gamespot is getting all this press.

this is no joke

When i went to get GT5P at gamespot there was a 360 salesmen in the store selling a 360 to a women with no clue. Thats no joke
PimpHandHappy  +   2752d ago
ok i read it
is it me or does Sony just handle the gaming press with class
Well, it's not my place to say it gave us a bigger sales boost than 360 because I don't have access to 360's numbers. What I can tell you is that the release of GTA definitely gave PS3 a sales boost.

classy DIG:
Now, unlike Microsoft we don't make it a practice to break down some of those numbers in advance of TRSTs, so I know you have a couple more days to go and then we'll all have a shot at those numbers.

nut shot:
all we hear about is GTA from the other camp. And again, on my side I've got Metal Gear Solid 4 coming out next month; we just shipped Gran Turismo 5 Prologue; we've got LittleBigPlanet in the back half; SOCOM; Resistance 2; and a plethora of great third party games

For all I know by the time that that downloadable content comes out people will have moved on to play LittleBigPlanet or Resistance or Metal Gear Solid. We'll see. That chapter will be written someday in the future.

thats a good read

im going to pick apart the MS guy just because what would N4G be without that

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KingME  +   2752d ago
Gamespot sells games? I didn't know 'gamespot' had stores.

"Walmart Target and Best Buy each sell 3 times the games 'gamespot' does. Its funny to think that 'gamespot' is getting all this press.

this is no joke

When i went to get GT5P at 'gamespot' there was a 360 salesmen in the store selling a 360 to a women with no clue. Thats no joke "

Did you even look at the name of the store before you walked into the door. Good thing it wasn't called "G-Spot" you may have wound up in a porn shop..haha
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PimpHandHappy  +   2752d ago
4give my mis spelling


you know what sort of ppl correct spelling?

i do

and if your not a teacher you should just let those things fly. Next time you want to come back at someone dont just paste and copy what they said

or sorry

copy and paste


be gone
poeo  +   2752d ago
All i know is that "dille" means something like idiot/dork/dumbas in my language (finnish). As someone's name it sounds hilarious!

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