"Forget the Pixels" Oceanhorn Dev Tells Indies

Grab It Magazine detail and interesting quote from its making of feature for iOS hit Oceanhorn about how indie developers should work.

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iosgamer1343d ago

I got to admit, I always end up gravitating towards games with better visuals. I have nothing against pixel games... I just get more immersed in those pretty 3D rendered worlds.

SlappingOysters1343d ago

The guys is correct in that it's not just pixels that define old-school gaming... but there's noting wrong with pixels

SWayne1343d ago

You took the words right out my mouth, nothing wrong with pixels and there is more to old school gaming than that.

sigfredod1342d ago

But if we forget the pixels we will not be able to see your game :(

Truway1342d ago

I thought that was a (terrible) screen shot from Wind Waker for a second.