PS Plus on PS4: "Eventually we'll get Triple-A titles"

Casper Leise Andersson (Nordic Community Coordinator) told Gamereactor: "We continue to build on the service and make it continuously better, and of course the games should match the offer, so eventually we'll get Triple-A titles as well."

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Mikelarry1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

same as it was with the ps3 then, some indie games to start with then BAM!!!! hit after hits of great games

johndoe112111471d ago

Why would anyone on earth disagree with your comment? It's 100% factual and you're not criticizing any other platform or game company. What the hell is up with that troll?

Mikelarry1471d ago

lol some people don't like facts when discussing a topic, 1 out of 17 disagrees i can live with that

cleft51471d ago

I own a PS4, PS3, and PSVita so the value I receive from PS+ is simply unbelievable. I brought a Vita because of all the great content I had from PS+ and the PS4 functionality. PS+ really is an amazing value and I am in a situation where I need to buy a new hard drive for my PS3, which I am kind of hesitant to do because I want to focus on my PS4. But with the insane value of PS+, I see myself using my PS3 for a long time to come.

sobotz1471d ago

Well, Driveclub is a triple-a title. It just need a release date...

GribbleGrunger1471d ago

That's a slightly different model for PS+ though. As I said in another thread, they're not going to be able to offer many games just now because there isn't a sufficient back catalogue to draw from. Once there IS, we'll start to see AAA games just like we do on the Vita and PS3. To be honest though, I'm not too concerned because if Outlast and Don't Starve are an indication of what we can expect, I'd be more than happy to settle for that, and only that.

The Meerkat1471d ago

Don't forget Resogun.


GribbleGrunger1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I can only speak for myself :)

I'm not really into arcade shooters and so eventually got a little bored with Resogun. I know it's much loved and highly praised (and I can see why) but it just wasn't for me. I did like Contrast too though, although it was flawed here and there because of glitches -- now patched of course.

It's odd (or stupid on my part) that 5 or 6 years ago I would have discounted the Indie scene, and to my discredit, often sneered at those that appeared on the 360. I was ignorant back then and now I can see why the 360 was much loved in that respect. If people want an older console to play multiplats or Indie games, I'd point them in that direction to be honest, as I have a few of my friends. Of course the story is different if they prefer exclusives.

elmaton981471d ago

Man I'm not playing Outlast again, the game is awesome but I had nightmares from just playing that game.

Stevino3211471d ago

Platinum'd RESOGUN. That game is really annoying when you play it for 2 days straight.

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Brandon_25351471d ago

So far, the titles they have released have been pretty solid. No complaints from me. Indie games are usually the most creative and innovative, so I have no problem with them releasing more of those.

ShinnokDrako1471d ago

Can't wait! I'd like Knack with PS+ tho, i want to play with my wife ;P (it costs too much in the shops...)

Sitdown1471d ago

You don't really need Knack or PS+ to play with your wife.... you just need a willing participant. And why even consider shops? On a serious much is too much...I think $40 is becoming the standard or is the standard.

ShinnokDrako1471d ago

Well, we (me and my wife) like games and we'd like to play Knack together if it comes free with PS+. Too much = more than $20, that's what i'd pay for Knack. I'm used to spend a lot more but for games that we really like, games (according to us) bettr than it.
I'm not saying that Knack is bad or whatever. Just that i don't want to pay it more than $20, so i'm waiting for either a price cut or a PS+ relese ;P

minimur121471d ago

I doubt Knack will ever come to ps plus, Sony's mandate so to speak is that all games must have a metacritic score of 70 or above, knack has a score of 54.

the first game to be on ps plus that's triple A will most likely be driveclub, and after than it'll be killzone (not the next month, but the next AAA title I mean

Sitdown1471d ago

I say wait it out then... I actually think Knack will come to PS+.... and I too will be one of the ones to grab it and play it with The Wife.... she is a tried and true Mario platform type gamer.... that and she would get into Kinect rivals.

heisenberguk1471d ago

They need to start putting some game demos/videos on the store!!

isa_scout1471d ago

Yeah, I hate how there is no option to download the videos right now. More demos and being able to actually download the game trailers to my PS4 would be a welcome addition.

minimur121471d ago

the ability to view videos would be a welcome addition :D


kayoss1471d ago

I think a lot of the demo's have to come from the developers. First party games, Sony decides if there should be a demo or not. But for 3rd parties, its up to the developers.

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