PS4 games & Sony Music Unlimited to receive more cross-functionality, Sony suggests – report

PlayStation 4 and Sony Music Unlimited could benefit from increased cross-functionality in future. The potential of both gameplay and music streaming working in tandem was discussed by Sony Network Entertainment’s Anu Kirk in a recent interview.

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hellzsupernova1441d ago

I can see Sony releasing a tiered playstation plus that includes playstation plus, music unlimited, movie unlimited and playstation now, their mmo subscription all for one fee per year

Firebird3601441d ago

If they did a bundle for $99 I'd be all in. I love music unlimited but to me $10 a month is too high. I'm still under my 30day free trial but the service is so good I'll probably continue and pay the $10 for now. PS plus at $50 seems fair but I also feel you should be given the game like Xbox live does, not just given access to it while subscribed. But regardless both services are awesome in my opinion.

dcbronco1440d ago

So now we do want a console for more than gaming?

XtraTrstrL1441d ago

Yeah, and all this talk is precisely why we have no media server or mp3 playback as of yet on PS4. They want to hook as many Video and Music Unlimited customers as they can before they finally fulfill the promise to add in mp3 playback and media servers.

ANIALATOR1361441d ago

We want our own music, pics, videos etc. Not this service Sony

XiSasukeUchiha1441d ago

Yep Sony and these all right directions lately

DanielGearSolid1441d ago

If only I could transfer my spotify playlists

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