The Witcher 3 Dev: Both PS4/Xbox One "Wonderful Pieces of Hardware;" Allow to "Go Crazy" on Visuals

The Witcher 3 is shaping to be more and more an RPG powerhouse for storytelling, gameplay and visuals, and Lead Gameplay Designer Maciej Szcześnik seems definitely confident that both the PS4 and the Xbox One will be able to raise to the challenge just fine.

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Walker1441d ago

"Both PS4/Xbox One "Wonderful Pieces of Hardware;"

Yup, but PS4 is much more wonderful than others !

Studio-YaMi1441d ago

One is "definitely prettier" while the other is just "fine".

As quite some people said at least!

But they are right,both can give you visuals that are better than last gen.

cleft51440d ago

I am really happy that the Witcher 3 will be on the PS4 and the Xbox One. I am PS4 owner and not really a big fan of Microsoft current direction, but as a gamer I am happy for my friends that do have the Xbox One being able to play the game on their console of choice.

I know we all like to pick our sides here on N4G, myself being no exception, and I do think it is important to praise a company that is doing well. But I am just glad as a gamer that we all will get to experience the amazing game that is the Witcher 3. The Witcher 3, Dragon Age 3, and X are some of my most anticipated games of this year.

Mr Pumblechook1441d ago

Hope this doesn't mean they are making a 'parity' version of the game.

infectedaztec1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Does everything have to be a competition with you? Are you that insecure that you continually need to justify your purchase to the online community?

If I had the money and time I'd buy both consoles, but when I had to choose I picked xbox. I'm very happy with it and know that I I had gone PS4 then I'd be regretting my decision next month when Titanfall comes out.

@StudioYami - I don't think you're using quotation marks correctly. I had to check the quotes and couldn't find them

NeoTribe1440d ago

Why would you put everything into just one game? Titanfall is not gonna be the game of the century and it will come to ps4 eventually. You will be missing out on real masterpieces like uncharted and tlou. Those are the true games not to miss out on, not cod twitch fest games. Sigh....

GribbleGrunger1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

I'm worried about this game's graphics. These are the only multiplatform devs to ever say the X1 is better to develop for, and when I consider Witcher 2 was a 360 exclusive, my worry increases.

stuna11440d ago

I agree! But I also wish we could get a ported version of Witchers 2 on the PS4, I heard it was a nice game, but sadly never had the opportunity to play it.

SPARTAN31440d ago

Don't let being a fanboy come in the way of a great game. Like you said these guys made W2 run on the 360 the more PC based system of that gen, they will have no problem with your precious PS4.

GribbleGrunger1440d ago

Oh, I'll be definitely buying this game. I'm certainly not a fanboy though, I just want the version we deserve.

Ausbo1440d ago

if you saw the witcher trailer, whatever platform it was shown on, you won't be worried about the graphics

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KiLLUMiNATi_891441d ago

What are your credentials ? Are you a game developer or something ? Or you just trying to downplay a positive article?

Godz Kastro1440d ago

I'm assuming you guys have developed games as well for both platforms countering his statement.

Xsilver1440d ago

Guys lets just wait IF News comes that the witcher 3 Runs better on one console and not the next then we can come at CD Projekt RED about their statements but for now we wait.

webeblazing1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

yup, but PC is much more wonderful than others! see i can do it too.

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thekhurg1441d ago

One of the consoles allows developers to take crazy to a higher level. Hopefully that isn't be sacrificed for visual parity between two platforms that aren't equal.

FlunkinMonkey1441d ago

Well it happened last gen (MS ordering developers to maintain parity between consoles, therefore restricting one of the consoles), it can easily happen again. Luckily it seems developers are a little more outspoken this gen.

IRNMUNKEY1441d ago

I'm pretty sure the parity clause was more about content of games and release dates rather than actual resolution/fps

FlunkinMonkey1441d ago

Yea? If so, I stand corrected.. Thanks.

TRD4L1fe1440d ago

It's comments like these that cause uproars on n4g. It's just not needed

FlunkinMonkey1440d ago

Really? Where's the uproar then? I don't see any.. I made a mistake, and stand corrected.. All looks pretty civilised to me.

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webeblazing1440d ago

lol talking about sacrificing for visual parity when its mainly a pc game. stop just, stop we get it. having a stronger console than the next person is the only you suceeded on life we get it. pick a better way to troll next time because by saying that, wouldnt it contradict what your saying even if it was only coming to pc and ps4.

Charybdis1441d ago

Looking forward too this one

IRNMUNKEY1441d ago

Finally a developer with brains. There is no point slagging off any system you are making a game for its just going to kill sales.

Most people are going to buy a game for what they own. If you say PS4 is better than Xbox One all that will happen is you might lose sales to Xbox owners. Its really dumb.

Most people aren't going to go out and buy another system just because some multi platforms look better.

Kojima stating MGSV is best on PS4 may sell a few more consoles in the short term but the real money is selling software and if his comments lose them sales to X1 owners then I'm guessing the people in charge won't be happy.

kickerz1441d ago

That's a good point. All he's doing is hurting xb1 sales. Which seems silly if they want to make more money.

angelsx1441d ago

Hurting xb1?Why not?Xb1 hurting people like they sale them weakest and expensive console

Mr Pumblechook1441d ago

I get your point about saying how a developer criticising one format alienates the customer base, but I don't think that is happening here. The reality is the media are going to ask about the performance differences of the two next-gen formats, and as a developer he will give a truthful answer,

The truth is (leaving personal preferences aside) one console is beginning to be accepted universally as being graphically superior. If it turns out that every multiformat game looks better on PS4, then Xbone owners won't blame the developers, they will understand that it is down to the ability of the console they own.

stuna11440d ago

Most people aren't going to go out and buy another system just because some multiplatforms look better!

I think you're wrong! For example last generation, a lot of gamers did exactly that! Not all ofc, but the fact that most multiplats on the Xbox 360 showed smaller differences than this generation is showing and people bought 360‘s in droves is why even to this point in time why the the 360‘s sales are at a 2:1 ratio against the PS3 in the United States.

Looking at things since the start of this generation up to now, and possibly the foreseeable future, the majority of multiplats are not only looking, but performing better on the PS4! That's not even the tip of the iceberg, because looking at things even in a subjective way, the PS4 exclusive titles are performing at higher resolutions and FPS than the Xbox1 exclusive titles. These are things that can't be overlooked.

Cheaper system performing better than an more expensive system is not subjective in any way, it is a unavoidable truth! At this point the only thing subjective about this situation are the games, and that's only subjective up to the point of ones preference.

Up_N_U1441d ago

Well well they can go crazy on amd 7000 series gpu I can't waig to see what they do on a gtx 700 series gpu.

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