Why The Witcher 3 is a Skyrim killer

The first open-world RPG to land on next-generation consoles, CD Projekt RED tells games™ how the dark fantasy world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will change the genre for good.

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SquareSoft1496d ago

Does that mean I can play a Sexy Witch, Ride a Dragon and kill the Witcher? That's AWESOME!

gamesTM_dom1496d ago

Personal highlight of this piece - "We’re making The Witcher 3 with 36 different possible endings, 12 world states and three fully playable epilogues"

Imalwaysright1496d ago

CD RED is going to show Bioware how to make a game where our decisions truly matter and have consequences.

SnakeCQC1496d ago

@ Imalwaysright exactly this

SuperSquirrel1496d ago


I dunno, I liked the Mass ending. I thought that the futility of your decissions was a decent way to wrap it up. Like no matter how much you graft or try do the wright thing, shit still happens.

Nocando1496d ago

As long as I can't make my own character, this is not a Skyrim killer. Not to mention the lead character has always looked goofy to me.

Magicite1496d ago

witcher isnt a skyrim killer, these games are not so similar.

Agent20091496d ago

"Why The Witcher 3 is a Skyrim killer"

Because it's newer?

Volkama1496d ago

Lots of things are newer than Skyrim. Not so many things are more awesome.

AndrewLB1496d ago

Witcher 3's graphics still don't come close to modded skyrim. See... bethesda is smart to give full access so modders can make the game look amazing. Very few devs do this.

Chris5581496d ago

well Gothic is older than skyrim and imo ks the best rpg ever made

Bigpappy1496d ago

Graphics and combat style aren't enough to make Witcher 3 better that skyrim. Skyrim does rely on powerful graphics cards to deliver a real designed and engrossing world.

Why do the headline have to start a war between the King and the new contended. We will need to play deep into witcher 3 before that comparison can even be made. Even if it ends up being received by most as the new open world master, Elder Scrolls will still retain its massive fan-base. Unlike FPS, RPG's can and will co-exist very well. RPG players will just buy and play each one of them from start to finish. Even if it take them 10 years and some neglect of their real lives.

yezz1496d ago

Weird title.. Skyrim is just one installment of the series and is going to be 3 years old this year.

Roccetarius1496d ago

One is lacking in the story department, the other is not. That's how it's always going to be, between CDPR and Bethesda.

This is definitely competition, coming from a indie developer.

ElementX1496d ago

You can't really compare a first and third person game. The gameplay style is different, the graphic capabilities are different.

lonelyplayer1496d ago

Skyrim has 3rd person view....

zRude1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

What an utterly stupid headline again. Witcher and Skyrim runs in totally different leagues. Nothing kills skyrim. Except maybe next elder scrolls game....

Saying that is allmost the same like how Starbound is a Minecraft killer.

Unless Witcher gets as good as mod support as skyrim.
THEN maybe there will be some competition.

This site is a fcking joke.

elninels1496d ago

No, it's like saying starbound is a terraria killer. And the witcher will set the tone for open world rpgs on the current gen. It will have better combat than any elder scrolls game 10x. The elder scrolls have always copped out when it comes to combat, specifically melee combat.

zRude1496d ago

Well. Does not really matter if Witcher is new stepping stone on console open world RPG's.

Since most likely it will never be anything like SKYRIM anyways.
Sure its an.. RPG with open world and much more fluid and better melee combat system.
But since it most likely will never have as much customization and mods like skyrim, which makes skyrim allmot like just an EPIC RPG Template for modders tro make the game jsut the way the want it to be.

SKYRIM can pretty much be anything you want from it. Soon as you know how to mod it, or there happens to be mods for that already in there.

WITCHER 3 in other hand is just... better in its pure un customized vanilla form than Skyrim is.

As said... Its pretty freaking hard to compare those two, even when they both are open world RPGs.

InTheLab1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

The Witcher 2's combat is worse that Skyrim though. It they go back to the original's combat, sure. In the Witcher 2, there's no feedback for hits and you really never miss while you're button mashing. The animations don't help either as you clearly miss but still register a hit on the combat log...

Tell me, what sense does it make to have a parry move and have it only block some damage without the perk? That defeats the purpose of parrying in the first place. It's stupid.

The combat in TW2 is terrible. Probably the worst aspect of the game...

elninels1496d ago

ZRude... I concede that skyrim's modding scene is an absolute treasure trove of fun and adds infinite replayability to the game.

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