2K Reveals WWE 2K15′s Community Manager

2K Games has appointed someone new as the Community Manager for WWE 2K15 and other upcoming WWE games.

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curtis921618d ago

new is good. While I appreciate what they did with this series over the past decade +, it's time for some new blood, both literally and metaphorically.

ShowanW1618d ago

I wonder if the team behind NBA2K14, are good enough to capture the movement and theme of the Wrestling world.

curtis921618d ago

animations and graphics, probably... but it really does take a team that knows WRESTLING to do a proper game.

DeadlyFire1618d ago

They should share that engine. Either way.

pwnsause_returns1618d ago

they have the engine now, we've seen it in action. so i assume that the game will look amazing...

sovietsoldier1617d ago

they need to add more match sytle options like 6-8 man tags or fatal four way tags, i mean really push the limit of the hardware.