Xbox One Media Remote Appears on Amazon

The Xbox One Media Remote has gone live on Amazon UK and is fetching for £19.99.


It seems Amazon UK have now removed the listing from their site. Amazon Italy however, still has the listing up on their site.

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LackTrue4K1317d ago

Media remote?????????

Why, why would you need this?!?!?
Is microsoft's Kinect not all it's hyped up to be?!?!?

avengers19781316d ago

Idk about that, but it may be pointing to a kinect less SKU coming from MS

GrandTheftZamboni1316d ago

You are the controller. I guess this is for when you're not home.

MasterCornholio1316d ago

Some people prefer buttons.


christocolus1316d ago


what does kinect have to do with the media remote? by your logic the console shouldnt have come with controllers either.right? some people prefer using remotes. the original xbx and xbx 360 had media remotes too.

MysticStrummer1316d ago

"what does kinect have to do with the media remote?"

Are you serious with this question? Does "You are the remote" ring a bell at all? Sounds like a product that doesn't need another controller.

Sayai jin1316d ago's called option.

LackTrue4K1316d ago

I wish for a Kinect less Xbox One
"Now that's what I call real options!"

FragMnTagM1316d ago

The Kinect works great. Ever heard of having options?

Some people just don't like to use the Kinect even if it does work.

Giving people options is not a bad thing. Jeez.

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XiSasukeUchiha1317d ago

:) Why your just proving yourselves that Xbone is an entertainment system, not an true gaming system!

Septic1317d ago

Yes....having a media remote is proof that your console is not a gaming system.....


PixelNinja1316d ago

Damn it, I guess my PS2 isn't a gaming system as mine had a remote :(

avengers19781316d ago

PS3 has a blu-ray remote, I consider that to be a pretty great gaming console

PeaSFor1316d ago

to be fair the ps3 was also a bluray player.

Spurg1316d ago

I see you dropped the act...well done

LogicStomper1316d ago

PS4 plays DVDs. Well I guess that confirms it. PS4 also isn't a true gaming system...


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DEEBO1317d ago

I thought my kinect was the only remote i needed?

zeusky1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

i would not get this unless the xbone's one guide got a robust update/feature addition. i love the kinect voice commands to switch from channel to channel, but if i just want to scroll through the channels i have to revert back to the comcast remote and guide. also, having a number pad and "watch tv" button would encourage me to get this.

jimjam34421316d ago

look, i have no problem with xbox one, but if the console had launched without the kinect would there have been an uproar to have it included in the box without the option too buy it separately?

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