Tekken Revolution New Update Includes Jaycee

An upcoming Tekken Revolution update will introduce Jaycee to the free to play game.

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SWayne1499d ago

I never get tired playing Tekken. This along with the Virtua Fighter series still holds well even for today's standards.

MegaRay1499d ago

Kinda agree... but I hope revolution doesnt stop them from making tekken 7

SWayne1499d ago

That I agree with you 100% sir! :)

Baka-akaB1499d ago

I think revolution will force them to have a truly different tekken .

Bare the better ps4/xb1 platforms , if it's the same old tweaked tekken with juggle issues , it wont convince some people to drop Revolution for it , or to play any

cleft51499d ago

I enjoy playing this game with my friends. I lose a lot, but I can put up a fight with Asuka. I can even pull off some of her more complicated combos.

TheROsingleB1499d ago

Revolution is a fun romp once in a while. I get my ass kicked online most of the time, but it's because people with hundreds/thousands of wins are always on. I don't claim to be good at fighting games, but I can hold my own with King typically. The menu music gets stuck in my head for a day or two after playing :\

DCfan1499d ago

I wish they'd bring back Tekken 4 like music. It was just good.

e-p-ayeaH1499d ago

Tekken is always fun to play.

VTKC1499d ago

I wish they would focus on that Tekken vs Street Fighter that was suppose to be in the works.

FuneralPartier1498d ago

Revolution really needs to come to the PS Vita in its entirety.