Hideo Kojima Talks PS4 “Can Render 1080p at 60fps with Room to Spare;” The “Closest to Photorealism”

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released today another interview of the “conversations with creators” series, starring Legendary Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima. During the interview Kojima had words of high praise for the PS4.

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megazero121589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

that is not even close to photo realism buD, and no 60fps or 1080p is going to convince any one to shell out $40 for this glorified 1.5 hour demo.


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hellzsupernova1589d ago

I would rather play a fantastic 2 hour experience then a bad 8 hour experience

DragonKnight1588d ago

I'd rather play a fantastic 8 hour experience than any 2 hour experience.

metalmatters1588d ago

why not both as Dragon posted?

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Justindark1589d ago

wait a sec? the demo cost money?

assdan1588d ago

A person was invited to play said he beat the man story in just under two hours... but he was at 9% total completion. It's looking like it might not really be a Rip off.

moujahed1588d ago

You sound mad bro? What's wrong? You no like the game you have yet to play??

VanDamme1588d ago

Yeah, bro, he no like game he played not yet.

Bro, he like no game that he played, you like the game yet you have played to like?

mochachino1588d ago

I love the mgs series. All it means is that I'll be replaying it over more than ever.

VanDamme1588d ago

Hey, that's a good point. They should make games 5 minutes so we can play them over even more than that!

I'm going to go create a petition right now.

Drithe1588d ago

You are right Megazero. 2 hours of gameplay is absolute ridiculous. I don't care how much so called "extras" you have. These people that say its ok for that are people who are paid by Sony to come on here and fight for them. If you pay 40, or worse, 60 bucks to play a 2 hour game you are the biggest idiot ever.

DevilishSix1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Wait wtf does Sony have to do with the gameplay length of MGS5:GZ? It's a multiplatform title, so don't be an a**.

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MarkusMcNugen1588d ago

He was in the wrong on this, but strangely he seems to be doing exactly what the majority of Sony fanboys do whenever anything good is said about the Xbox One. Which is to say the company paid for it.

Welcome to N4G. Where fanboys say stupid s$*% and although the battle is constantly going, nobody ever wins the war. If they had their way (No matter the allegiance they choose) everyone would lose.

BitbyDeath1588d ago

Don't forget Skyrim can be completed in under an hour.

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bennissimo1588d ago

Yup. He can talk all he wants about PS4 graphics, but the guy is a shitty writer and his games don't make any sense without 45-min cutscenes.

Mister_Dawg1588d ago

Exactly why I'll never play a MGS game. Cut scenes and all the cut-to talky/text sh!t of the previous games bore the living sh!t out of me. Watching a friend play the game, I couldn't understand the attraction to the games.

Seriously if I wanted to read so much, I'd pick up a book.

Prime1571588d ago

Eh, he's saying it to the Japanese audience. Duh, the system it's launching there soon. And it could very well be worth $40 with all of the side missions.

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Walker1589d ago

PS4 is the best and most powerfull console for this generation consoles ! PlayStation For the Win !!!

Etseix1588d ago

maybe he is, but what he said it's a fact, like it or not.

morganfell1588d ago

Rumors are beginning to surface from persons at the event that stated they do not believe the X1 version is running at 1080p but rather 720p or 900p and not as smooth at those resolutions either.

Here is one example:

MarkusMcNugen1588d ago

Not for long. Those sexy steam machines are a comin' soon.

Fluke_Skywalker1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

@Markus, Yeah but they're not really consoles are they. They are most definitely PC's, they just happen to be running Steam OS instead of Windows.

MarkusMcNugen1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

So how do you define a console? Because the last time I checked "The term 'video game console' is used to distinguish a machine designed for consumers to use for playing video games on a separate television in contrast to arcade machines, handheld game consoles, or home computers."

Steam machines will run a custom linux OS built specifically for gaming that doesn't not support the features of a PC. In short, a PC can be a steam machine but a steam machine is not a PC.

And if your definition has anything to do with hardware or architecture then you are sadly mistaken as both the Xbox One and PS4 are using the x86 architecture pretty much all PCs run on; with GPGPUs that got their beginning tech from the PC market. If your definition deals with software, then I feel compelled to let you know that the Xbox One is running off the Windows kernel and the PS4 is using a customized FreeBSD OS. Which are PC kernels and OSs.

So its not black and white like Xbox One and PS4 owners are trying to make it sound. The lines have been blurred to the point where if it runs games, is not handheld; and requires a HDMI, component, or composite interface with a television its a video game console.

SO I ask everyone here on N4G. How do you define the difference now that consoles and PCs are so close they are practically the same thing? A closed ecosystem? Because Apple has that and those are certainly not consoles right... Being able to run custom software? All you need is an SDK and you could self publish a game that is actually an application. The "game" that allowed control of the controllers vibration function wasn't really much of a game was it? Not including they have their own apps...

Let me know guys, I want to see what everyone thinks the difference is.

Prime1571588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Markus, the difference is that console's hardware is static, and a dev team learns tricks from game to game to make it look and run better.

Steam machines are a dynamic stepping stone between consoles and pc, something new. They (plural not singular) will offer different visuals for different prices, and a dev team will most likely not optimize for the different hardware, much like on pc.

And, by what your definition of console is, the xbox360/one, the ps3/4 are not just games consoles because you do more than just pay games now.

Console is semantic depending on the person talking, it's subjective anymore. So I understand and don't mind you saying that the steam machines are consoles, but, personally I disagree.

Fluke_Skywalker1588d ago

I would say a console is pretty much as Prime said. It has static hardware that won't change throughout its lifespan.
The steam machines, all except the Alienware one, are upgradable. Also owing to their hardware you would most likely quite easily be able to install Windows on them. Which can't be done on consoles. They also use pretty much straight off the shelf PC components. Thus are in most peoples opinions, PC's.
A PC without windows, is still a PC.

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Drithe1588d ago

I am sucky sucky robot paid to be Sony fanboy a numba 1! I want to pay sixty dolla for 1 hour gameplay and not 2. Why? Because 1 hour of awesome gameplay is better than 2 hour of sucky sucky gameplay! Yaaay!

kingduqc1588d ago

and it's less powerful then my mom's pc that she use to browse her emails lol...

I don't know how they will last 7-8 years. PS3 barely did it and at the end you had to get sub 720p games running at an average of 20-25 choppy as fuck and it was much more powerful for it's time compare to the ps4.

VanDamme1588d ago

Thanks for the heads up! I wasn't sure how people on this site were feeling about the two consoles.

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ANIALATOR1361589d ago

I wonder if he added a little tessellation to smooth edges and the missing puddles and rain from the original trailer. If so, this game will look incredible

skydragoonity1589d ago

The earlier xbox fans realise that they will always get the weaker versions of games this gen, the better

TomahawkX1589d ago

most are still banking on da cloud p0werz and magical patch that unlock supreme 8% gpu b00st.

MightyNoX1589d ago

It's like watching a dog trying to bite its own tail. Until MS puts them out of their misery, nothing, not even act of God could make them admit it.

ThePope1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Perhaps you assume that slightly, and unless you're blind, it is only slightly worse means anything at all. People bought the PS3 and games for it even though some barely ran on it.

Let me ask you; have you ever told your PS4 to switch to Netflix were a show was waiting for you to simply say "play" and then when it was done telling your PS4 to go back to the game that only requires you to press start?

If you're like me and play games a lot, this feature is truly next gen. And until you try it you'll never understand how amazing it is to be an Xbox One owner.

morganfell1588d ago

"If you're like me and play games a lot, this feature is truly next gen."

I do play games a lot. That is why I bought a PS4. You know what's really next gen? GDDR5. A hard drive you can replace with an industry form factor. Modular systems where I can choose if I want to purchase a camera. A faster Bluray player. A more powerful system. Do I need to keep going?

Until you try a PS4 you'll never understand how amazing it is to own the most powerful next generation GAMING machine.

skoorydook1588d ago

Why is using voice control to watch TV truly next gen gaming ?

Not saying it isn't a cool novelty but lets face it, it adds very little to the actual game

morganfell1588d ago

And to answer your question, as an example I play Assassins Creed 4 and I can tell the Playstation to go to Home Screen, then I tell it to go to TV and Video and I do manually have to press a button to Start Netflix. But while I am playing a movie I can leave Netflix and go back to the point I left Assassins Creed 4 all with voice commands. No pressing a button to Resume the game.

Fluke_Skywalker1588d ago

And don't forget to add Morganfell, that you can do all this without even having the camera, just a simple headset will do for voice commands.

ThePope1588d ago Show
morganfell1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Actually next gen is choice and with the PS4 you have that.

I guess you think no choice is real next gen.

With the PS4 you do not have to buy a camera, you can use a headset you already own.

You can use a mono headset or you can use a wireless 7.1 Surround Sound headset...made specifically for the PlayStation (That also works with the PC, your sound system, TV, or the Vita).

Or you can buy the camera (still cheaper than a X1) and use the mic built into that.

Or you can pick between the camera and any number of headsets.


deSSy27241588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )


What are you talking about?

GDDR5 is nothing new, its OLD AS HELL (PC says hi). More powerful system is not next gen, it is in terms of consoles but not overall (PC says hi again). Did you owned a Xbox360? Why? Because 90% multiplatform games were better on Xbox360 (slightly higher resolution and more FPS).

You know whats next gen aka innovative in PS4? The APU inside PS4 is the most powerful APU to this date (including APUs for PC/laptop/notebooks)and its the ONLY APU with GDDR5 memory (unified memory). On PC, APUs are using DDR3 memory (in future DDR4 and so on)

jessupj1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )



For the millionth time the differences are in no way slight. You can keep telling yourself that a million times more, but it's not going to magically start being true.

50% more pixels is not slight. 124% more pixels is not slight. 85% more frames is not slight. Improved lighting a rendering techniques is not slight.

Either go see an optometrist or stop with the denial. It was funny at first but now it's starting to get irritating. You chose the xbone knowing full well the spec of both machines, so deal with the consequences.

morganfell1588d ago

"... it is in terms of consoles..."

Uhm jessup, with your great sense of perception, what is it that you think we were discussing? Automatic rice pickers? No. Tree chippers? No. The latest Ginsu knife? No. Here is a hint:


We are talking about consoles here. We are not talking PCs - which I cut my teeth on and am currently driving a 4.7Ghz rig with 32GB Ram stacked beside a 16TB Raid tower.

Consoles. C-O-N-S-O-L-E-S. Consoles.

Here, maybe this will assist you:

I owned 5 Xbox 360s. My surviving one is a Gears of War Edition. Which machine was more powerful and produced the best visuals? Which machine successfully backed the next gen disc format? Which machine, 5 years into running turned out to be far cheaper - remember to add in those 5 years of Live.

Hey, snap out of it and stop drifting. Remember this is a discussion about consoles.

Which company dumbed their core gamers for the casual crowd. Which company is breathing more life into their last gen console with a new streaming service? See where we are going yet?

Remember, we are talking about consoles. Just thought I would remind you again since you jumped into this discussion unarmed and without a single clue what it was were were debating.

And if you want to talk sales hardy har har ho ho ho we know what happened there.

beebap1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

With camera you can yes on ps4 switch between netflix and game but guess what I use the controller easier. Forgot of course can use headset.

Fluke_Skywalker1588d ago

Love gaming at 720p! True next gen! HAHAHA

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