[PS4 Creator Interview] Hideo Kojima: I want you to feel "the future of the game is fun" and "MGS5"

Hideo Kojima was interviewed by Sony and Famitsu for the "conversations with creators" interviews.

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Meltic1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Well a fun game isn't just 2 hours. I hope the 2 hour window of the game is wrong. Im not buying it on release. Im watching it first on youtube too see. What are you guys planning to do ? Buy it or let it pass for the moment ?.

moujahed1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Day 1, PS4. 29.99$ on PSN Can't friggin wait.

Meltic1585d ago

enjoy :). Dat day i will enjoy infamous second son. In my country they are coming the same date

moujahed1585d ago

@Meltic. I will also have Infamous but the week before then.

SlapHappyJesus1585d ago

That seemed an attempt at, somehow, rubbing in his face that he is a smart consumer. That's not a bad thing.
What they are essentially selling you is a glorified opening to an actual Metal Gear release coming later.
You may not be paying a premium for it, but it's certainly more expensive than I would think it has the right to be. Dead Rising did this as well, but they charged $5 for it, I believe.
Not saying to not buy the game. If it's worth the cost to you, then go ahead. I just don't think this offers anything healthy for the industry as whole.

Timesplitter141585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

The story lasts 2 hours. That doesn't mean you'll play the game for only 2 hours you doofus.

If you play MGS games without experimenting with different tactics and attempting to complete the game with knife only and no alerts then I dunno what the hell you're doing but you're doing it wrong. I can go through MGS3 in 3-4 hours if I play on medium difficulty and use silenced guns but that isn't fun at all.

Meltic1585d ago

same mission twice and same level of design twice no thx. Infamous is a diffrent game doing over and over again but nt MGS

Timesplitter141585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I don't think you've ever played MGS before. MGS offers an incredible amount of variety of playstyles to the player. I beat MGS3 about 12 times and each playthrough was radically different.

And I think you forget that Ground Zeroes is open-world. They give you a massive enemy camp to infiltrate and you're free to do it any way you want. There's a lot of fun moments to be had in that sandbox

Joe9131585d ago

First and foremost I doubt anyone on this site would be able to beat even the story mode in 2 hours unless you play on easy or play through it a couple times first which defeats the whole argument that ppl will play the story part then trade in game.

jimjam34421585d ago

have never played a mgs game before, was going to get this one, but at 2 hours? i mean even if the reports are exaggerated, its very difficult to beat a game like call of duty in 2 hours, if someone beat mgs without trying to do a speedrun, in 2 hours, its probably around 4 hours long, not an immense amount of gameplay but still kind of a moneygrab aimed at the long time fans of the series.

theDECAY1585d ago

Yeah, I'll probably get it, but I agree with you. It's just that there is honestly so little I want to play at the moment on my PS4.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1585d ago

From everything I have heard from journalists about MGSV GZ the game is well over 2 hours if you take into consideration the side ops, exploration, and other features and additions so people need to chill the hell out about the length of the game. It will be several hours of game play if you do everything in GZ and plus it will have replay value. This was a great idea in my opinion to split GZ from The Phantom Pain so that we get to play some of the game early because of how long TPP is taking to complete and also they can make some money back from its pricey development. The Phantom Pain is 300 times larger than GZ and that has got to be an incredibly expensive project. I will be buying GZ on launch day and will continue to support Hideo Kojima and his team in all their decisions.

jimjam34421585d ago

kojima loves you, even when he runs the series into the ground and starts charging you $60 for a skin pack, you will support him. this is whats wrong with consumer loyalty to an inanimate object (ala ps4/xbox one) you should buy whats best for you, not because you have delusions of a company actually caring about anything other than your wallet.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1585d ago

Idc what you guys do but I will be getting this game for PS4. I will get it for 20 dollars at Walmart because I have a 20 dollar WM gift card from Christmas. This and InFamous Second Son release on the same week. So I will be having a fun spring break.