Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct Will Be About as Long as the E3 2013 Nintendo Direct

Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct might be an eventful one.

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4ShotKing1614d ago

I am so hyped for this Nintendo Direct!

Loadedklip1614d ago

Let's hope the give us release dates for Smash, X, Bayonetta and Yoshi and hopefully they are first half games.

With the lack of third party games ... Nintendo needs to get MORE games out faster themselves for their own system.

--Onilink--1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

If i were to guess (maybe im a bit optimistic)

Mario Golf
Quick mention of Pokebank and Bravely Default
Probably something about Layton and Phoenix Wright games
New eshop title
Maybe something about VC

Mario Kart
Donkey Kong
Maybe X (due to the retweet thingy)
Maybe Bayo (since Platinum people retweeted)
Maybe new Smash character (again, since Sakurai retweeted)
Not very likely, Hyrule Warriors details (maybe on the Japan Direct)

Probably not all of them are gonna show up, but i think some combination of those, if there is any new WiiU title announced, its probably an eshop title, or something related to VC, but hopefully im wrong

bakagaijin781614d ago

The only things I'm interested in seeing is info on 'X' as well as that Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei crossover game. I'd also LOVE it if they announced a proper Pokémon game for WiiU, like the one rumored a little while ago.

--Onilink--1614d ago

Yeah, I was also thinking about FExSMT, its been so long since they mentioned it that I keep forgetting about it, but its about damm time they show at least a screenshot

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1614d ago

@--Onilink-- When SMT x FE was announced it barely started development that why we haven't seen anything yet. It like Project X Zone early announcement.

moujahed1614d ago

Playstation Now & Nintendo should merge.

stragomccloud1614d ago

I agree. It'd be awesome to play PlayStation games on Wii U.

BlackWolf1614d ago


Are you implying that it should not happen at all, or that it should be Nintendo's titles on Playstation?

The point of stragomccloud was to make it obvious how stupid that idea was, as it would signify one of the two should go third party. moujahed said it as a troll attempt, so it can be said that he meant Nintendo should go third party; stragomcclaoud twisted it's meaning to counter-troll it.

stragomccloud1614d ago

Thank you BlackWolf for understanding the point I wished to convey.

RogerDodger1954. Try again.

BlackWolf1614d ago

I guess I should thank you, as well. I couldn't find a more subtle way to counter troll moujahed.

wonderfulmonkeyman1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I've been a multiplatform gamer since the PS2 era, so I would willingly give many Playstation games that came to the Wii U a good home.
Stuff like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot would look great on my Plaza menu alongside Mario 3D World and Darksiders II and so many other games.
I don't think many PS gamers can say the same of Nintendo, since many of them abandoned the company once the Wii came out, if not sooner, because IMO, you don't abandon a console if you truly care about the games. You suck it up and you deal with the "weird" controllers and any other minor flaws it has to support the games you love.[except when the system supports stuff like really bad DRM and other things like that. I can see pulling back on support in that case.XD]

stragomccloud1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

It's the weird and unique controllers that pull me from my PC to Nintendo. The amount of console games I played increased significantly with the advent of the Wii. Of course I've always played Zelda, but I never even played Mario 64 until I played it on the virtual console, and I've been gaming since 1988.

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stragomccloud1614d ago

I am so hyped! And also prepared to be totally disappointed, as I was with the e3 announcement. They pretty much just announced what I had expected. I was hoping for some surprises.

deafdani1614d ago

On the other hand, Mario 3D World ended up being an amazing game, despite it's extremely lackluster reveal trailer at E3 last year. And, well, for me, the E3 direct was worth it because of the awesome second trailer we got for X.

stragomccloud1614d ago

Very true. It's funny that I'd feel disappointed, even though the game is great and the others look to be amazing, as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1614d ago

The Megaman reveal pretty much saved that event, IMO.

To this day I still go around Youtube checking out reaction videos to that, and it never ceases to amuse me.XD

stragomccloud1614d ago

Yeah, I was super stoked when Megaman was revealed. Finally! Mario, Sonic, and Megaman, all in the same game!

MNGamer-N1614d ago

Looks like I'll have to make the kids walk home from school today. Direct at 4pm. I have priorities LOL.

wonderfulmonkeyman1614d ago

If your children are gamers, they'll either forgive you for it knowing they'd do the same to you, or kill you later for not picking them up early enough to join you for the event.XD

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