Deadly Premonition is one of the most impressive games ever released

SA writes: "With it's atrocious visuals, derivative shooting, questionable driving controls, and other features that caused most people to skip it, Deadly Premonition received mixed reactions upon release, with a majority of critics giving it either mediocre or negative reviews.

However, when information about the titles bizarre subject matter and self aware sense of humor came out, people with an eye for the eccentric gave it a shot, plenty loved it, and spread the word throughout the community and turned the apparently average Deadly Premonition into a cult hit. I'll just be blunt; this is my favorite game of the seventh console generation, and one of my top three favorite games. No, I'm deadly serious."

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minimur121613d ago

i heard it was pretty bad, terrible voice acting and pretty bad game mechanics, aswell as graphics. that's why I've steered away from it and not got it

Palitera1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The extreme opposite of the Crysis franchise proves that graphics and explosions are not enough.

Mikefizzled1613d ago

Playing through it as we speak. Damn Yorke is obsessed with coffee and random 80's film references. Absolutely loving it.

SlapHappyJesus1613d ago

I truly feel York is one of the best protagonists to be found in a game.

TheROsingleB1613d ago

One of the greatest games of last-gen

mydyingparadiselost1613d ago

I've spent more money buying all the versions of this game than I have on any triple A game. Deadly Premonition is amazing.

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