Why Yes, We WOULD Totally Like A Cat Mario Suit Plushie

You’ll be able to pick up Cat Mario, Luigi and Toad as well as Nabbit from New Super Mario Bros. U.

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Chupa-Chupa1616d ago

omg! im like..gonna totally get this!! brb, lol, smh, yolo.

BoneBone1616d ago

Was always going to happen. Now release the onesie which I certainly will not buy.

TheEnigma3131616d ago

I never really dug Mario in animal suits; it's kind of disturbing seeing a perceived grown man in something like that. I know it's a kids game; It's kind of weird. The Peach one is cool though.

Nevers0ft1616d ago

I'm OK with him wearing animal suits, I just find it hard to believe that he's been a closeted Yiffer since the 1980s :)

ZeekQuattro1616d ago

Great. I expect to see them is my store this Christmas with all the other character plusies.

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