Sakurai Teases Super Smash Bros. News In Forthcoming Nintendo Direct

JPS Writes: "We already knew that Nintendo would be holding a Nintendo Direct later today after being announced yesterday. Even with the Direct scheduled, many thought we might see the announcement of the return of Diddy Kong with today’s new Super Smash Bros. update due to the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in Japan today. However, that was not the case as Masahiro Sakurai took the opportunity to tease the already announced Nintendo Direct, which seems to tell us that there must be some sort of announcement related to Super Smash Bros. within."

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Locknuts1530d ago

I refuse to get hyped about Nintendo announcements anymore. I'll just wait until something awesome is released and then play the hell out of it.

4ShotKing1530d ago

We are pleased to announce that Super Smash Bros has been... DELAYED TO 2015!!!


Austin481530d ago

Lol man I can't stop laghing that's hilarious

Biohazard88601530d ago

I can see that happening lol

4ShotKing1530d ago

Not as boring as Metal Gear Solid's schizophrenic story and cut-scenes.

DarkKaine1530d ago

This Direct is probably going to be about DKC:TF which is about to come out.
We may see Dixie Kong being revealed as a playable character in Smash 4. Looking at the Brawl's game files, there's a folder called 'dixie' inside of the 'fighter' folder which holds character data, tho dixie's is empty.

Let's just pray they won't announce Cranky Kong for Smash 4 and be done with it, LOL.