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7 days to die is an early access game on steam that really disappointed me. I came into the game knowing it was alpha stage, but I was just really let down. Comparing it to other games like DayZ and Starbound, I kind of did expect a bit better. I can’t be too harsh though because of the stage it is currently in, I mean, it could definitely get better, but right now I would not spend the amount of money they want, which is about $35 (currently on sale for about $25). I expected a game that would be playable, fun, easy to see the future of the game, but with 7 days to die, I couldn’t see the future, I couldn’t tell where it would go. The reviews I have read on Steam have, for the most part, been disliking it.

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wannabe gamer1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

LMAO this quote from the review pretty much invalidates the entire thing
"I found myself getting bored real quick and didn’t play it for more than 15 minutes."

-Graphics are being updated and terrain smoothed. so no more blocky hills and vehicles will be added at this point

-lag mentioned in review is the reviews experience. myself and others have not had this problem

-night and day cycle can be set to any length of time you want.

the games biggest feature is its deep and exstensive crafting system which isnt mentioned at all in the review.

this is so poorly done that it has to be a troll and not a review lol

im getting tired of reviews where they dont play the game enough or research its features enough to know wtf is going on. please dont bother if this is all you are going to do cause all it does is give people a bad image of a game from someone that didnt play long enuff to experience anything