Final Fantasy X-3 confirmed to NOT exist, FFX|X-2 HD dated for Asia

Asian fans of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, your time has come! The games have finally been both priced and dated.

For those of you wondering about the possibility of Final Fantasy X-3 given the addition of the new audio-only episode in the existing Japanese editions of the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD remaster...the team is not planning to make a third game.

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vergilxx31614d ago

Yes great news that they not screwing up the game

Demoa1614d ago

final fantasy x-2 already did

serratos271614d ago

I don't think so. A lot of people didn't really like it but I enjoyed it a lot. Including the battle system. X-2 was Yuna's story, being a huge fan of her character I loved being able to play her in a second game and see how much she's grown. The different endings were also fun for me. Having a chance to be with Tidus again had me fangirling pretty hard.

Panthers1611d ago

X-2 was the first FF game I hated. Especially after I spent so much time in FFX trying to complete the sphere grid for everyone.

vergilxx31614d ago

I did enjoy the X-2 as well but I never got the chance to finish it so i will be happy to pick it up again

CharlesSwann1614d ago

That title is murder. Confirmed, Final Fantasy X-3 does not exist.

Kalebninja1614d ago

yeah I got so freaking excited and then I read NOT

iliimaster1614d ago

this game would be so bad if its done in its current state they will find a way to throw in lightning somehow + make it online + go with that crappy battle system where it just looks like chaos and you cant tell whats going on then the bad guy dies.. like in the first one with lightning that system was slop all thrown together with more slop

Godmars2901614d ago

Given Square's mechanic and color choices its likely for the better.

Bhuahahaha1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

ahahah good one

they should've stop at X (really love how the story goes)

i blame charlie's angels for x-2

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