PSXE Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review: The Legend Wanes

In easily the most underwhelming and disappointing Final Fantasy entry in history, Lightning attempts to save the world. But can Square Enix save this series?

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Plasticgearsolid1559d ago

all the 13 games were disappointing to me, which leaves me open to being swept off my feet by 15, even though the battle system is like kingdom hearts I would imagine the rpg elements will be more advanced. If 15 ends up being a wreck I will lose faith in Square Enix

dragonopt11559d ago

I'm actually enjoying this game a lot, the battle system is really good compared to the last two games and there's so much you can do with side quests. Trust me if you've played the two before and are on the fence about this it!

Studio-YaMi1559d ago

Yeah I seriously hope that these reviewers aren't just ripping the game apart just because they hate the series or for the sake of haters around the internet.(XIII I mean!)

rextraordinaire1559d ago

Combat watered down?

Haha that's funny.

This is by far the most challenging and responsive combat Final Fantasy games ever had. Party members in past games always served no purpose in battle. (After all, all they've been were skills selected from a pool in a menu, they had no AI or whatever real use).

goldwyncq1559d ago

As much as people hate the FFXIII games, this just reads like a troll review that panders to the haters.