Will Steam Machines Be the Death of Windows?

Will the Steam Machine push Windows users to adopt another operating system entirely?

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Kingthrash3601619d ago

i cant say i'm a windows fan....but no.
too big. unless they selling more software like steam word or a steam os laptop complete with browser i think not.
lol i just hope ms doesn't decide to buy steam. they've done underhanded things like that before...cant beat um, buy um mentality.

1619d ago
LimeyGeeza1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Very well written article, was a great read. Its possible Steam Machines could be the death of Windows gaming, eventually. However it's unlikely they will be certain death to Windows completely, there is too much of a widespread business use for that to ever happen.

Furthermore all the Steam machines that have been annouced are going to be dual boot with both Steam OS & Windows.

If games run optimally in Steam OS, and run better than they do in Windows, I can see it being the 'go to' OS for lots of gamers, unforuntely I don't think this round of Steam Machines are 'console' like enough to break into the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo markets - maybe in the next reiteration they will.

Utalkin2me1619d ago

I agree with what you say. But if gamers go steam os due to games running better, thats a big blow to MS. And if steam OS becomes popular enough they might even make a home/business version of it. Someone needs to step up and put MS in their place.

annus1619d ago

Absolutely not. There are heaps of popular software not available on Linux, and while there are alternatives, some just aren't up to the professional standards that average and professional users expect and/or need. And that's not even counting how 'dumb' the typical computer user is, and there isn't really a Linux distro that offers total ease of use yet.

Companies that run Windows currently, and pay millions/billions in software to run on their computers aren't suddenly going to change.

MAYBE the users who solely use Windows for gaming won't have a reason to dual boot, so they can stay on Linux, but the average user will still stay on Windows, which will mean that developers will continue to develop for Windows, since it will be the larger market for years to come.

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The story is too old to be commented.