Indie Games: Why Indie Will Always Win

All game lovers out there have different opinions and takes when comes to playing indie games or big titled games. Some may say that the difference lies in the price range when deciding which video game better. But, the prices and money are just a small part of the deciding factor between indie and big titles.

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SteamPowered1593d ago

For every 1 indie game that makes it big, there are probably 100 that tank. The indie market may be strong, but winning?

Ashunderfire861593d ago

Because they always come up with new ideas, with smaller games or even big games like No Man's Sky with only 4 developers making it! People can hate on Indy games all they want, but they are here to stay. The industry needs new idea to innovate.

jimjam34421593d ago

yeah sorry but the indie scene is definitely not winning, i mean there are a few good indie games that come out once in a while like dont starve, or resogun but for the most part its full of clones of successful games. and plus most of them are just slapped together in an effort to make a quick buck off anyone who buys them without reading a review.

caseh1593d ago

This ^^^

Indie scene gets too much credit, like it can do no wrong. Fact of the matter is there are a very small percentage that are worth investing in, the rest are shovelware no matter which way you look at it.

PoSTedUP1593d ago

i like my indies n all, but id always choose my PS1 Classics over indies. apparently still a lot i havent played.