New Smash Bros Announcement/Trailer Incoming? Sakurai retweeted the Nintendo Direct advertisement.

It seems Nintendo has been very busy as many company representatives have been advertising and retweeting the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

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Austin481286d ago

I hope this game realeases in may or June I can't wait

darkstar181286d ago

soo many developers are tweeting about this direct, this is gonna be good XD

ThichQuangDuck1286d ago

So you are going to link me to a tweet in Japanese that I cannot read tell me it is confirmation and not even give the date for Nintendo Direct. Shall I just Google this rumor for myself?

ZeekQuattro1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Its today at 2pm

ThichQuangDuck1286d ago

Thank You very much! I was just illustrating this news post itself is very weak. It doesn't really possess any attainable information and acts like a confirmation when in reality it is just a retweet

Fanboyssuck271286d ago

We've heard enough about smash bro's.
Nintendo you need to bring out the big guns New Ip's, starfox, metroid. N64 and GameCube virtual console, a lot more info on X.

Y is 3ds part of this direct it should be solely Wii U. 3ds is fine.

princejb1341286d ago

We haven't heard enough of it
I hate that they release pieces of information every few weeks
This ain't a good way to hype people up for one of their best franchise

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