Nintendo Hypes Up Nintendo Direct for Japan with a Countdown Timer

Nintendo Japan never has a countdown to a Nintendo Direct. With this, Sakurai, and people from Platinum Games, and Monolith Soft, retweeting the announcement of this direct, plus Shin'en still waiting to release Fast Racing Neo footage, it seems Nintendo might be hyping up this upcoming direct to be best in a while.

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AKR1529d ago

This must be really big. o.O
Let's hope all goes according to plan.

cleft51529d ago

I am hoping for news on X.

BullyMangler1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Nintendo, i dont care if you sell only 10 wiiU's, but please just start this 2014 Nintendo Direct already!

only 3 more hours to go!!

Good Job Nintendo with your instant hype of goLd.

seriously, these Nintendo Directs of yours feel like an OUT OF NOWHERE E3.

and this countDown timer has given me chest butterflies . thanks .

and with all the common denominator rumors sounding to be true regarding this presentation, its safe to feel uberly pumped!!!

WilliamH1529d ago

I hope they announce a redesign for the Wii U, get rid of that power brick and flash storage, replace it with a 250gb HDD.

deafdani1529d ago

If they redesign the Wii U so early on its lifecycle, it would be to cut costs and make it cheaper. I don't think adding more storage space would help that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

It would if they found a cheaper version of the storage tech that still improves on the size of the current models storage capacities.

brewin1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Posts like this are part of the problem! Nintendo did gamers a favor by giving storage options and making it cheaper to the end consumer. I bought a 500 GB HDD for $50 on sale. Remember when Microsoft was selling 120 GB HDDs for like $150? And how much is that HDD cost adding to every console sold. Plus, the new systems are going to need to be upgraded soon with all those 12 GB updates and mandatory 40 GB installs. Have fun with that. Ill wait until the inevitable 2 TB versions and a solid game lineup before I plunk down $500 for a new system and games.

DryBoneKoopa851529d ago

I can't wait! I hope Nintendo hits it out of the park with this direct.

Sly-Lupin1529d ago

Every time a developer tries to hype up an announcement, its inevitably underwhelming.


Because if its genuinely exciting news, the hype will generate itself.

brewin1529d ago

The hype was generating before they put up the counter. This will be a big direct and its obvious the gaming community is watching and hoping for something great. Why can't people just let other be excited for something. This is Nintendo and they've gotta be showing something good with all the negative press they've been getting from the media. Its time to shut them upand tthat's what they're setting out to do.

Sly-Lupin1529d ago

Nintendo describes the direct as focusing on games set to be released by spring. The biggest announcement you can get out of that would be a release date for something like the new smash bros being moved up.

Nintendo is basically saying that the direct isn't going to feature any new games... Yet, as is the case with every nintendo announcement in the past decade, fanboys assume its going to be something huge, based purely on the idea that the pattern of disappointment has to end eventually.

It doesn't. Just ask a Sega fanboy.

Dunban671529d ago

Kranky kong is getting a new cane AND being licensed out for his own stuffed animal line

The rest of the direct will be: trailer on DKTF, and that they are working on great games to be released in the future