Former Steam boss quietly exits Microsoft after six months [Update: Microsoft responds]

Jason Holtman has seemingly left Microsoft less than six months after he was hired to head up the company's renewed PC gaming initiative.

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XiSasukeUchiha1592d ago

Damn that was quick why MS?

porkChop1592d ago

Well he was heading up their PC gaming sector, and knowing Microsoft they probably weren't planning much there. Microsoft has been saying for years that they're going to start supporting the PC better, and that the games are coming. It's been years now, and the games never came.

CaulkSlap1592d ago

If anything they've actively sabotaged PC gaming.

pompombrum1591d ago

After the games for windows fiasco, I sure won't lose any sleep if Microsoft decide to stop supporting PC gaming better.

Agent_hitman1592d ago

Whoa what happened?, I used to think that salary in MS is good, MS pays good.

Prime1571591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Just because you get paid money doesn't mean the people up the ladder from you respect and listen to you.

My guess is that he got tired of bureaucratic games being played, partially why I don't care for ms is because it seems as if there is a false sense of caring from the higher ups. Their business algorithms interfere with a progressive mind.

Hellzsupernova said, " Just like black tusk they are a dream team tasked with creating the next halo like franchise then get told they have to work on gears."

And that's a prime example of what I mean.

Microsoft's mission statement sounds like it's a mantra of, "don't inspire or create, only own intellectual property and control what can. Oh, and market."

Dehnus1591d ago

Although the "Tech demo" looked a lot more interesting than Gears of War, I must stop you here.

It is not KNOWN that they made anything more than a Tech Demo. So it isn't an example, it is a rumour. Until sources get out that they are angry that the have to work on Gears of War, than it is an example of MS her love for the Brogamer crowd.

Which btw I also agree with you probably happened, as it is the reason why the 360 later in life sucked so much. Man... one shooter after the other... crapfest.

hellzsupernova1591d ago

Is money worth losing your dreams over?

AKissFromDaddy1592d ago

Damn....six months is very short time. Can't even celebrate one birthday or use any paid vacation days.

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The story is too old to be commented.