Titanfall's Great – But It's Not The Next-Gen Game-Changer Everybody Thinks It Is | Stuff

Stuff "It was enormous fun. In fact, I can think of ten things right now it was better than: sitting on a larger than average pine cone without any trousers on, eating a raw hammer, doing some proper work... I won’t go on. But when I put the controller down I was left feeling that it wasn’t quite the FPS awakening the hype had led me to expect."

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MorePowerOfGreen1434d ago

I knew who submitted this article before I even clicked on it LOL

Bolts-N-Rays11091434d ago

You should have seen the previous article Maria submitted. Total flamebait that has now been removed.

Now back on topic, I haven't played TF, but it looks like a must have game, if you're a fan of FPS's. I've never looked at TF as a "game-changer," but as a game that looks incredibly fun that I could spends hours upon hours playing. It looks like a game that will replace COD, for me. Will it be the "COD killer?" No. Not if it's exclusive to Xbox/PC. It just looks sooooooo much fun. I'm going to play the heck out of that Last Titan Standing gamemode if I get access to the beta.

thekhurg1433d ago

Fanboys should cry more about news submissions.

Bolts-N-Rays11091433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )


You didn't just call me a fanboy... It's well known that Maria will sumbit any article that takes a shot in any way at MS.

VENOMACR12271433d ago

Not everyone is going to love the game. I have no clue who this person is that submitted it. The game won't be for everyone, some will feel let down, some hated it from the beginning because its a MS product, and some will love it and think it's amazing. I'm buying it day 1, I hope it's awesome, but it won't be everyone's cup of tea. As long as those that don't like it make a legit argument, I'm OK with that, just like this article. It's when people go "titanfail sucks and is a cod clone" nothing screams fanboy/troll and makes you look stupid.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1433d ago

The biggest!

Submitted by MariaHelFutura

ThanatosDMC1433d ago

I miss him on the comment section...

Volkama1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

It says the game is "great". As negative feedback goes that's gotta be considered mild.

I like great games!

Edsword1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

The article is saying its a great game, but not a game changer. This is what a lot of articles are saying. Yes there are articles that are using MS PR words like game changer and beyond expectations, but really? I don't believe the hype about this game, nor about Infamous SS, nor about The Order 1886. This hype is all the same stuff when the X360 and PS3 were new. Every new game is going to be a game changer. The reality is this game looks and plays a heck of a lot like COD. Except, there are less human AIs and more bots. Yes you can run on walls, double jump, and use mechs, but those things are only going to keep this game fun for a little while. Besides even that stuff is not totally new, in Halo you jump a lot farther because of the low gravity environment and you had plenty of vehicles about to do combat. Yes its a new package, new story, and probably its going to be a blast, but game changer has always been just a bunch of PR BS.

I'll likely pick this game up for my PC, even though it is slightly less powerful than XB1. I am not buying a $500 system to play the game on just because its being pushed as an XB1 game. I honestly think that MS bought the rights to this game because they feared it would sell more PS4s than XB1s if they allowed it to move forward on PS4. Don't be fooled by the hype MS is putting out there. The game could have run on PS4, and likely would have been 1080p. MS buying a victory here is not something to be proud of.

Septic1433d ago

"This is what a lot of articles are saying"

Show me. Apart from NowGamer and this one, show me all these articles.

Ashby_JC1433d ago

Show me one advert that says game changer??

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Sovereign591434d ago

I don't hype games up beyond thinking "this looks like fun, I look forward to playing it." Titanfall looks fun, and I look forward ti playing it.

When you build a game up in your head long before it's even released, anticipating it to "change" things, to be the best, most revolutionary game of the decade, you're simply setting yourself up for disappointment down the road.

The game looks fun, and to achieve "being fun" it doesn't need to be a game changer, a record breaker, etc.

lonewolfjedi1433d ago

Absolutely! This is what some people can't understand.

ginsunuva1433d ago

Except for Naughty Dog games. You can hype those up to infinity without consequence.

hellzsupernova1434d ago

Too many games have disappointed to get hyped up on them anymore. And I will never get hyped about a online only shooter. Especially after sim city, diablo 3 and battlefield 4, the last one I waited and never bought cause of the issues.

These days I'm more into single player good stories.

If titanfall does turn out to be as good as everybody is hyping it up to be then great news another great game for everybody, but if not it's another blow to ae they better have tested those servers

Edsword1433d ago

Your right, all these online FPS, even though different bells and whistles, are really all about the same thing. The biggest difference comes down to how many times does your match crash, how fast do you pick up matches. And can you actually stay alive against 11 year olds who have nothing better to do. I play these when there are no new good SP games out.

Orange Juice1433d ago

I couldn't get anybody to answer this straight a few days ago but I really want to know- does titanfall feature the same snap aiming gameplay present in cod?

Fishy Fingers1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Not sure what you mean exactly. But it's a twitch shooter like COD. Hence the high frame rate. The usual "weighted" gameplay in FPS is often a cover for 30fps as much as it is a design choice.

Speaking to friends in the Alpha, whether you like or dislike CODs gameplay, your likely to have a similar reaction towards Titanfalls. It's the same dev team at the end of the day.

Orange Juice1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

You know how in cod when you hit l1 to aim your crosshairs literally snap to the nearest person on screen? I was wondering if they took that out or lightened it up a bit like bf or kz. Thanks for replying though!

Ju1433d ago

This is called "aim assist" which CoD has the most of all shooters. No matter if 60fps or not.

Fishy Fingers1433d ago


Yeah like COD, L trigger to aim, R trigger to fire.

Ju, that's irrelevant, we're not talking about aim assist. I thought he meant the snappy, twitch movements.

Orange Juice1433d ago

I was talking about aim assist, not asking if its a twitch shooter or whatever you thought I said. I want to know if this game has the same snap aim assist as cod has or if they lightened it up like in kz. Sorry for confusing you.

Fishy Fingers1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Oh haha. Harder than it needed to be. Yeah it has aim assist. Which game it's similar to I don't know. Haven't played it yet.

Apologises Ju.

Orange Juice1433d ago

I have a terrible habit of making things more difficult than they need be, especially so early in the morning :p

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Jdoki1433d ago

I believe I saw an article on N4G where the dev stated that the sniper rifle would definitely not feature 'snap aiming'.

I think CoD pushed aim-assist a bit too far, but I have no idea how TitanFall may compare.

I prefer a more relaxed aim assist compared to 'auto targetting' which CoD sometimes felt like.