Metal Gear Solid V Impressions From Nasu; Frame Rate "Butter Smooth on PS4;" "Not a Two Hour Game"

Konami and Kojima Productions are holding a Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes boot camp in Nasu, a lovely hot springs town in the Tochigi prefecture in Japan, and the first impressions are filtering from attendees via Twitter.

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thereapersson1617d ago

"Sergio Pennacchini commented on the length of the game as well:

To finish mgsv in 2 hours is like going out for dinner with charlize theron and take her to mcdonalds."

I figured there is more to this story than 2 hours of gameplay. You can beat Uncharted pretty quickly if you just rush through and don't take time to enjoy the game or the secrets that ND threw in. Most people will take longer than 2 hours if they are really trying to enjoy all aspects of the title.

-Foxtrot1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Look most of previews have said it's short so it's going to be way to spin it, they are trying to screw us over.

At this point other sites are going to try and defend it in "Konami/Kojimas" honor to most likely try to get free goodies or exclusive previews/interviews/info in the future.

Point is at the end of the day we're supposed to pay for basically cut content from the main game.

As people have said a million times it's like cutting the Tanker missions in MGS2 and selling them for a very high price.

I really doubt you could complete Uncharted in 2 hours aswell....maybe on easy but not other difficulties.

A ND tester got 3 hours...

and that's a NaughtyDog guy rushing through a full on game. Imagine if you rushed through Ground Zeroes.

thereapersson1617d ago

Well I do agree with you on the pricing aspect. They should be charging no more than 29.99 for this standalone title, IMO.

KwietStorm1617d ago

To say "they are trying to screw us over," is implying there is actual malicious intent in the studio to do nothing other than take advantage of us. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan, and even I have questioned whether or not I want to buy this anymore, but I think much of this is being blown out of proportion, and many people who have absolutely no first hand experience with the game or what has gone on behind the scenes, are making some very inordinate comments everywhere.

inmusicutrust1617d ago

I agree with reaper, 30 should have been the max price, they should have skipped the retail copy if they couldn't hit that price point. 40 is entirely too much. Dlc is not available retail so lack of ability to dl should not be an issue. Or some sort of discount for phantom pain to balance out the cost.

guitarded771617d ago

It's just weird to hear "2 hours of gameplay" on a Kojima game. I'm used to hearing "There's a 2 hour cut-scene" in a Kojima game.

I guess we'll find out when the game launches. Clearly it's not going to be a full on feature length Metal Gear, but hopefully it offers enough in gameplay and possible replay to warrant a purchase.

Agent20091617d ago

My gosh, people, you can get this game for $20 digitally.


"Every soldier in Ground Zeroes has a unique appearance. Their faces, taken from real photos, appear only once per game."

I was jumping from excitement when I heard something similar before the release of Black Mesa Source, with their revolutionizing tech and algorithm called " Face Creation" which promised to not meet any same person model any later in the game. Well after playing it I was very disappointed. Well the team only modeled like 4-5 faces and by using the algorithm they made look random , skin changin skinny, fat different props but still same person. It worked well at the beginning but I encountered same faces and models and later in the game.

I hope now in MGS, it will work better since it seems more authentic. If true, then THIS will be the most acclaimed next-gen feature: A TRUE REVOLUTION ! For the first time a game will havve a dedicated personality and will feel fresh and unique. Trust me, such feature will make you dive into the game and even forget that is a game until Kojima breaks the 4th wall in some occasions.

Oschino19071616d ago

Would love to see even a shred of proof from any of your many conspiracy theories... You're on a crusade to waste time and emotional energy over something you clearly have trouble understanding and have little to no hard info on.

I like how those with the conspiracy theories seem to be the only ones able to see through the ruse. /s

I will more then likely be buying a PS4 physical version so I can lend to a few of my friends/family. But whether it's physical or digital I will be experiencing and enjoying the game day 1 unless something serious happens to change my mind.

I find 9/10 times people on gaming sites blow things way out of proportion and once the real info/games actually come out they either never speak of it again or never find out for themselves and continue to spew ignorance. Which will you and others become?

morganfell1616d ago

This wasn't the only set of impressions to come out of the play event:

PX541616d ago

"Finished GZ for the first time in about 90 minutes. Total game completion? 9%. I think that tells you all you need to know."

Am_Ryder1616d ago

It's two hours if you rush. Not speedrun, but rush.

It's an open world, and undoubtedly the "two hour" time stamp is if you make a beeline, point-to-point from A to B just to complete the main missions.

We KNOW there are at least three side missions. You also have to find them yourself- you have to explore the open world before the side missions even unlock.

Also it is an open world. Who knows how many hours I lost to open world games, even ones with small open worlds, just exploring. And the MGS series is one that LENDS itself to exploration. We've never had an area larger than probably four hundred yards- now we have an area of several miles, with emergent guards and side missions.

Not to mention MGS games are _insane_ for replayability. I've played MGS2 and 3 probably six or seven times a piece- that includes the Tanker and Virtuous Mission.

Just like those, I bet Ground Zeroes is going to be more than long enough to get a solid 10-14 hours gameplay out of if you just take your time, explore, and enjoy it. People are getting riled up over ONE publication rushing through the open-world experience.

You can't compare this to Uncharted's because they are linear. A lot of the content in GZ will be off the beaten path- this is more like running ONLY through the main quest in Skyrim or The Witcher. Basically, the "2 hours" clock-in will be missing possibly more than half of the game's content.

MetaReapre1616d ago

You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. Sure it would be nice to see it be cheap at 30 dollars, but gamers these days are so spoiled. By the sounds of this game, it has high re-playability if you can approach each encounter in different ways, "3-5" as one person said in the article, and if that's true then i will be playing the hell out of it. Why is it that gamers these days say if it doesn't take take me a week or more (probably an exaggeration but you get my point) that it's not worth the buy?

If you bother to think about games and this video I linked, games never used to be so long, but they were fun to play and you would play them over and over. Sure you can argue that the MGS series has always been long and wonderful with its story, but if they can give a great story to wind us up for the next part in the series, if the game is good as they say then who cares how long it is? If you don't think it will be good enough because of length than wait for the reviews. Purposely find one that's a negative review and if that negative review only points out its because it's short than that should not be enough reason. If it says the story is unfulfilling or the gameplay is not as it should be, then you can call it out.

Why is the short length of a game bad if it can still deliver a good satisfying game that we can replay?

Kidmyst1616d ago

I've played countless games where before they said campaign was 6 Hours and it takes me 8 because I take my time and don't rush. 2 Hours though even if it was 4 is still very short.

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crxss1617d ago

@thereappersson uncharted is not MGSV. MGSV is an open world game, uncharted is very linear with a few branching roads that always lead to a treasure.

we all know MGSV can be beaten in 5 mins if you're speed running it and skipping cutscenes. for the rest of us it'll be 2+ hours.

i doubt most people will do all the side missions especially from what we've seen of them. they're most likely going to be "leaderboard-esque" missions rather than containing an actual story. e.g. - "find all the FOX badges in the time limit"

extermin8or1617d ago

If you have played peacewaller I think you'll have a better idea of what to expect from the sode missions.

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OhHiMark1617d ago

If it gets us home quicker, McDonald's works for me.

Cryptcuzz1617d ago

LOL you ingenious bastard!

Thanks for making me laugh man.

Looking forward to getting this game regardless of the price. If what these guys are saying about the ending, I want to experience it myself. Also, one guy finished it in 90 minutes with 9% completion. So around 4 to 6 hours for 100% completion maybe? Good enough for me.

_FantasmA_1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

But if you take her to McDonalds she might ask you drop her off with someone else or she might just want a quickie. Get her a nice plate with maybe a drink or two and shes yours for the night ;)

Lord_Sloth1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Room service! I can cook just fine and a candle lit dinner would be the bomb! That way it's a short trip to the hot tub. Giggidy!

iceman061617d ago

Is _FantasmA_ really complaining about a quickie with Charlize Theron!?!? We should be so lucky!!! LOL

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showtimefolks1617d ago


i am a huge MGS fan and have all the games but no way to spin this, its a glorified demo just like GT5:P was and that sold about 5 million copies and had way less tracks and less cars

I can't wait to try it and will buy it day one but please let's not defend a very short game. As long as the experience is great i don't mind spending just like how Bioshock Burial at sea dlc was short yet excellent

Eonjay1616d ago

Charlize Theron Is a Super Babe

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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1617d ago

Butter smooth on ps4!!! Can't wait for this game

thebigman1617d ago

That's all very good to hear. I had planned on picking this game up until the reports last week but now I'm ready to jump in

DanielGearSolid1617d ago

F*** it I'm getting it

I've made worst decisions in life

HaveAsandwich1617d ago

yea the hell with it. im buying. waiting for some used copies of tomb raider ps4 to show up also.

OhHiMark1617d ago

I can't decide if Final Fantasy XIII or dating a Mormon was worse.

LordMaim1616d ago

Final Fantasy XIII. Sadly. :(

boogie3051617d ago

Say thing I said. Bubble for you.

jessupj1617d ago

Thank you for contributing to the degradation of this great industry and becoming an enabler of publishers and developers that do this kind of BS, while I exhibit a little self control (which isn't that hard btw, and I'm a huge mgs fan) in a futile attempt to stop said BS from happening again.


Oschino19071616d ago

You care way too much about something you know very little about... why not reserve judgement till you get a chance to experience first hand or read/watch a few full reviews???

SMH at all of you going off the chain who will backtrack or attempt to justify your arguement/view in the coming weeks/months knowing you were wrong and jumping the gun in the most cynical of ways.

Usually we get a break but between this and TR:DE some have been on a Negative Nancy trip Debbie Downer'ing everything based on out of context quotes.

theshredded1616d ago

tell that to something actually bad like Titanfall where mp only games will rise if that shit succeeds

WitWolfy1617d ago

YEah I'd get it too, fudge it I bought a Wii U Nothing can top that.!

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TomahawkX1617d ago

"Not a Two Hour Game"

no, its a 1.5 hour game!

but seriously i kid, i kid.

Counting down the days when I get to play this myself!