Firmware Update 0.81: Batscam Arkham Origins

"Firmware Update (after a very abrupt intro) is back on its new home, Stealthy Box. Joe and Malc give a retrospective on the show and its history. How will the show be going forward? The boys talk about this and more in their state of the show address.

Talking Points: Call of Duty going down hill, Ubisoft makes a smart move with Watch Dogs, the Final Fantasy XIV beta on PS4 gets a release date, 100 games are coming to the PS4 in 2014, Sony creates one of the best Vita bundles ever, the horrible saga of Flappy Bird, Sly Cooper sneaks it’s way onto the Vita, Malcolm compares Batman: Arkham Origins to The Dark Knight, and WB gives everyone the finger." - Malcolm Spinedi

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gigoran1588d ago

Why all these tacky names for gaming websites? For me, and many others, it's these names that stop us from wanting to visit them.