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As yesterday's Evolve preview proves, a twist on familiar multiplayer gameplay is a welcome one. And Titanfall, the 6 vs 6 multiplayer-only title from the ex-Infinity Ward staff of Respawn Entertainment, builds plenty of new features on top of the normal team-based competitive shooter space in the hope to making it distinctive in an ever-crowded market.

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JokesOnYou1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

"There's little touches that we loved. Jumping aboard an ally Titan, hanging on and providing extra cover support. Crushing enemies with a well-timed (in truth, lucky) Titan drop. Plunging off a cliff-ledge in a Titan, and ejecting in time to rocket back onto the map. The stealth takedowns being so brutal, yet swift. The pilot and Titan classes feeling so familiar, yet different from their MP peers.

Visually there was little to complain about; sadly one of the cooler aspects of the maps are too easily missed. Because rarely do you look up - if you did, you'd see spaceships soar in the skies overhead. The maps are dense, compact, but there's a clear sense they're part of a much bigger world beyond the level borders.

There's a lot to take in, but our two hours and change with the Beta left us hungry for more. Even though it's only a few weeks to go until launch. That March 14th release date already seems unfairly far away." -Gamereactor

-Great preview, now stop teasing me and send that goddamm beta code Respawn.

360ICE1590d ago

Agree. Gillen McAllister knows his stuff. Gamereactor, in general, really.

VENOMACR12271590d ago

What's funny is whenever there is an article on gameplay and how great and fun it PS fans attack or troll. But look at the articles about it being resolution less then 800 and its non stop trash talk. Just goes to show what some people find to be important. Gameplay should be #1 thing to true gamers. As long as its fun that's the main thing. Game can look amazing but if it plays like crap and is boring then you won't play it.

Kingthrash3601590d ago

and you say this to try n ruffle fanboy feathers?
doesn't that make you a fanboy? smh you troll because no ones trolling? man nothing you said is on topic...smh

1OddWorld1590d ago

@VENOMACR1227 - You are such a butt hurt fanboy.

Back on topic.

The article was a good read.

VENOMACR12271590d ago

Wow, not one but two douches. Where is the fanboyism? Go read the resolution article then read this, see how many comments are there and compare the two. I didn't mention or say anything negative except one article has tons of negative remarks compared to another. Explain to me where the "titanfall is greatest ever" comment is? Oh that's right, no where. You just know I'm right so you have to result to insults. Right away people attack. You want to talk about butt hurt @odd world, seems like you got really upset over what I said.

BTW...what I said was topic related because the article never mentioned graphics, just gameplay which was my point.

You've just been owned, your both welcome to crawl back in your caves.

Ra30301590d ago

Wow another article on what a great, great game Titanfall Fall is by someone who signed a " you can't say anything bad about Titanfall" agreement and it's a dudebro's wet dream around here. So sad. Let's just wait and see what the game has to offer when it's released. Why take someone else's word that has sign an agreement before they get to play it?

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HaveAsandwich1590d ago

360, or pc, with a gpu upgrade. decisions.

malokevi1590d ago

The decision couldn't be more obvious: Xbox One! =D

OrangePowerz1590d ago

The GPU upgrade will be cheaper for him and he will get better visuals so it's more for less money.

Allsystemgamer1590d ago

Why would he get the inferior version when a PC upgrade would be cheaper?....

HaveAsandwich1590d ago

no way. i already own a 360, and a pc that would run it, but really needs a new gpu. 360 would cost me 60 bucks. new gpu w/ game, maybe $350. xb1 $550.

NaAsAr1590d ago

my pc is ready for this since i don't have an x1.

TH3BR3W1590d ago

$319 dollars for a msi gtx 770 twin frozr overclock right now on newegg. I played the beta and was running it at max with dips only in the low 50's.

It's a beautiful game but you can tell it's being made by people who've been making cod's for too long. Doesn't make it bad at all I just expected more of a separation in the feel of the game.

AutoCad1590d ago

man cannot wait to download this on my xbox

Pinkdolphinyfg1590d ago

Was in the Alpha hoping to get into this one!!!! Cant wait to play on my xbox one.

malokevi1590d ago

Same here. Watching these twitch streams is giving me the itch. Cannot wait to get back into it. From Alpha, to Beta, to Retail... gotta cover the bases!

Deadmonkey761590d ago

I was going to wait to play before I bought it but said what the hell and preordered it my local bestbuy I'm hopping its as fun as everyone says it is it looks to be a great game

Rowco1471590d ago

Is there any specific reason to not buy this for my 360 vs throwing tons of money on an xbox one.. graphically or anything?

UbiquitousClam1590d ago

Graphically there wont be a big difference so I would just go where your friends are.

Bigpappy1590d ago

Graphics really shouldn't be a biggie. What all shooter need more than anything is performance, with a smooth and preferably fast and steady frame rate.

X1 should have that over 360, but I am sure if you are playing the game on 360, with the same severs, you will enjoy it as much. That's assuming the feature set is the same.

OrangePowerz1590d ago

The easiest is to wait until they have the comparisons between X1 and 360 version. The team doing the 360 version is a very good studio so there might not be that much of a difference.

n4rc1590d ago

I can't believe I'm admitting this..Lol

I dont think you should ever buy a console for one game..

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