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With great power comes great responsibility, and in the case of Infamous, that responsibility is to show what the PS4 can do.

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MAULxx1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I'm just now playing the first one. I bought it back when it released (2009?).
I played it a little bit and set it to the side. I guess I went back to playing things on the 360. I also picked up the second one used that I haven't played any of.

G20WLY1589d ago

Grab the Festival of Blood downloadable game. It's like a separate, darker version of I2 and is cool as hell. Vampire powers!

And it's cheap too, as it's a little shorter.

MAULxx1589d ago

Will do, thanks for the tip.

TheEnigma3131589d ago

2 is really good. I was surprised how much better 2 was than part 1.

sorceror1711589d ago

I've been replaying I1. It's good, but some parts of it can be a slog. A couple tips - get Induction Yield ASAP. Don't be afraid to take the high ground; it's easy to get swamped on the ground. (And in the boss battles, if you're good, use the rockets; if playing evil use Arc Lightning.) And if you're going for trophies, PM me for a couple tips.

I2 smooths things out a lot. Just tons of little improvements that add up to a much more polished game. And as G20WLY said, Festival of Blood mixes it up really well.

MAULxx1589d ago

I appreciate to offer on the trophies but I just want to go through the game and get to I2. I also have quite a backlog. I want to get to at least a few of them as well.
I did notice how the enemies are crack shots once they see you and on the ground you can die quick.

Meltic1589d ago

Im playing infamous 1 and 2 now. haven't played them Before. I like them i wonder how second son is :)