"Titanfall" is Not "Call of Duty," and That's What Makes it So Great (Complex)

"When Jason West and Vince Zampella left Call of Duty behind them, they also threw away the rule book."

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mochachino1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Would have been cooler if the maps were huge with destruction with 64 people and the Titan's were a big as Gundam or were like Voltron and required teamwork to operate.

That would be awesome, I really shouldn't be giving these ideas away.

Godmars2901433d ago

Expecting the high levels of coop needed to pilot a very large mech is asking too much.

On topic:
Kind of easy to say an interstellar space opera isn't going to have the exact themes as something which retreads a Tom Clancy novel.

Then again I can't wrap my head around an interstellar society with can warp in atmosphere depending on powered armored troop who go into combat w/o their powered armor and use several rather redundant technologies to supply said already deployed trooped with said powered armor.

come_bom1432d ago

""Titanfall" is Not "Call of Duty," and That's What Makes it So Great (Complex)"

Well, Sony fanboys claim Titanfall is COD, so they must be right. /s

HighResHero1432d ago

It's not just Sony fanboys.

Bennibop1432d ago

Every menu I have seen so far looks like it's been ripped straight out of cod. Will have to wait and see if the gameplay is.

badz1491432d ago

I don't get how anyone would believe that Titanfall is not CoD with mech! not that I think it's crap or whatever but it looks exactly THAT! CoD with mech!

it's made by those who made CoD popular in the 1st place and using the same modified engine, anybody saying that it's not, is clearly in denial!

Aces171432d ago

These aren't ground breaking ideas here, all you saying is bigger everything and more players...

CrossingEden1432d ago

Bigger is not always better. And that's ok.

Retard1432d ago

Might be some haters our their (lol) but COD has done something correct (mostly)

-Controls feel accurate

Bladesfist1432d ago

You mean it has auto aim?

Bearsfanfourlife1432d ago

It's just like cod it's the same there's a load out screen and there's soldiers and there's guns and there's bullets if they just put oranges and bananas in there hands then it wouldn't be like cod and that would be kewl then

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GoPanthers9991432d ago

I like the fact that there will be no weasely Snipers, lying prone, staring at a single point waiting on someone to walk by or drive by, or waiting on a teamate to die to snipe you from that faraway hill, or building top they killed 2 teamates getting to by dropping the chopper or remote island with no reason for existence other than for that spineless sniper. Basically, i like the fact we may actually see or go toe to toe with our opponents. Sounds like Respawn feels like we should actually engage in combat and dislikes worthless, non-objective driven snipers. Cool!

RogueCheddar1432d ago

There is still sniping, but it's not as easy to dominate with it when anyone can easily climb up to your position or a Titan can stomp on you from across the map in a heartbeat.

Bearsfanfourlife1432d ago

Exactly like bf4 when u drive 8 miles to get shot by a sniper that's basically out of bounds agreed its gonna kick ass

InTheLab1432d ago

I find it hilarious that every shooter is labeled "like CoD" except the one that is very much "like CoD". I've watched the betas. It's CoD with bots and mechs. Not saying that's a bad thing but it's certainly not ground breaking like 95% of these sites have been saying.

Go check out the Angry Joe beta. He calls it exactly what it is. A fun game that's addictive but not the genre defining game some make it out to be.

Hicken1432d ago

Unfortunately, the Xbox crowd doesn't want to hear that, so you won't see that getting a lot of traction, even on "Sony fanboy haven" N4G.

iceman061432d ago

Yeah, I was in his Twitch stream today and he repeated exactly that. It's fun, addictive...somewhat like CoD in terms of accessibility and fluidity of controls. BUT, not the messiah of the FPS genre. From what I have seen and even heard from other streamers, it's probably the most accurate depiction of the game.

wickedthumbz1432d ago

No it's not COD but it does remind me of Killzone!

micbrc1432d ago

I hope this footage is on 360 because it looks severely dated (the video in the article that is) looks particularly graphically dated and old.

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