Indie Game Insider | Double Dragon: Neon Review

Twenty-five years later, Billy and Jimmy set off to rescue Marian once again.

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king_george1591d ago

Man i thought this game was way better than a 6.5 when i played it

PeaSFor1591d ago

had a shit load of fun in co-op when it came out free on ps+ like 2 years ago, in my book it was a good 7.5 8/10.

caseh1591d ago

Would you have paid the full price tag for the game though if it hadn't been free with PS+?

It was a decent game but nowhere near as good as it could have been when you look at remakes like the GBA version.

PeaSFor1591d ago

yes, being born in 83,Double Dragon games had a special place in my heart, if i remember it was something like 9.99$ for non PS+ member wich was a totally fair price for the game.