'Flappy Bird' was the most nontroversial game of 2014

One of the most hot gaming topic issue of last week was the 15 minutes of fame that 'Flappy Bird' achieved. Yet there is no clear explanation for what lead to all the drama that forced its developer to take down the game.

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stanr1437d ago

Could any one explain this drama or is it a "casual gamer" issue and not worth a real gamers time.

Ilovetheps41436d ago

Basically a mobile game got real popular overnight. A bunch of people thought it was bad and started saying a lot of crap about the game and the developer. The developer didn't want to put up with everyone saying a ton of rude stuff to him, so he took it down. Then a bunch of people got mad at him for taking it down and said some more rude things to him. That's what I saw at least.

Unreal011436d ago

Flappy Bird was also one of the most diabolical games of 2014.

0pie1436d ago Show
SlapHappyJesus1436d ago

Not the worst thing that was ever created, not a shining example of what phone and tablet gaming can offer.
People just got bent out of shape for another completely unremarkable game hitting it big, for whatever reason. They're the ones even keeping it alive.