48-Hour Benefit Helps Twitch Streamer, Raises Lyme Awareness

Twitch is home to countless video game-centric streamers showcasing an assortment of content; from major professional tournaments, to late-night Rock Band jam sessions, to everything in between. As a platform, the service is capable of reaching a tremendous audience who share a common interest. Usually, that interest is a shared love of video games. But every so often that interest serves a much higher calling, one of aiding others and educating the masses. Case in point, a recent 48-hour stream marathon on February 1 – 2 to assist a member of the Twitch community who goes by the handle of SqueakyB.

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Snookies121440d ago

I'll have to be sure and remember this. My brother has Lyme, he had to actually move to another state just for treatment.

MarvelFan881440d ago

It was a great interview. The streamer gave a lot of fantastic info. I wish her the best!