Take A Look At TitanFall Beta Running On Ultra Settings On PC In This 1440p Video

GearNuke: "Some lucky users are already enjoying themselves with TitanFall Beta and we have got a new video, which showcases the gameplay of TitanFall on Ultra settings in a 1440p video."

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Septic1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

So even the PC version had frame-rate drops. Even doing to 40-45 fps

DarkLordMalik1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )


YouTube is capped to 30 fps.

Edit below: Ah right. I thought you were talking about the video, my mistake.

Septic1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm not talking about the Youtube video mate. The guy in the video says that the frame rate dropped to 40-45fps. Watch the video.

Watch at 1:49 onwards

Edit: No probs

Redrum0591499d ago

look really fun to play.

unfortunately I don't have a strong enough pc to play this on and am not willing to buy the xboxone yet.

M-M1499d ago


If you have a low end GPU(like on board graphics) but a good amount of ram(6-8GB,) then you should be able to run it at low settings with the textures cranked up to high or extra. Titanfall's minimum specs are really reasonable.

joab7771499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Im an idiot probably but why do so many ppl write articles and use horrible videos to show how beautiful something is? I saw a FF14 trailer earlier and it looked awful. I went to youtube and found a perfect one. If it is the recording device...then dont use it to make a point.

I am sure Titanfall will be gorgeous on PC but I just hate clicking on these posts.

TheGreatAndPowerful1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

game looks like it can get boring really quickly. god damn BF4 has ruined other FPS for me. :(

Magicite1498d ago

according to pc reqs, u can play this game even on budget pc (obviously not at 1440 ultra)

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Fireseed1499d ago

Ummm you do know PC framerates are determined by an individuals rig... right?

Pandamobile1499d ago

It's like he's never played a PC game before.

Allsystemgamer1499d ago

It says in the video 770 and 780s used

Septic1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Errr yes but these are pretty high end (ish) gfx cards struggling to run the game at 60fps which is built on the old source engine.

Fireseed1499d ago


I find it funny that you think JUST because the Source engine is old must mean every game that uses it can run in 4k at 60fps...

While Titanfalls shaders are nothing to write home about, their is a TON of on screen action between various player and AI geometry, as well as a TON of effects. It's fairly understandable that it can't run at 60 at 4k... I mean most modern games cant even do 30 fps on 780 at 4k

Volkama1499d ago

Titanfall isn't out for a month. What they're playing is probably more-or-less final, but you can bet nVidia (and AMD) will include optimisations for the game in new drivers that will significantly improve performance.

LAWSON721498d ago

Sure he may have a gtx 770 or 780 but 1440p is demanding and if the game has very high AAs available the game is probably not going to run max settings 60 fps. The game may have low requirements but clearly it can be quite demanding considering Xbone HD 7790 has to run at 720p.

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badz1491499d ago


that's running @1440p. should be no problem maintaining 60fps @1080p with that rig, although it would be kinda pointless to argue with pc gamers to stay @1080p when they are allowed to achieve more.

Septic1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Ah sorry my bad. Misunderstood there.

sinjonezp1499d ago

Did the guy say what kind of set up he had? I figure anything 660ti and up shouldnt have frame rate issues with this game. I am sure as they get closer to release, nvidia and amd will put out driver updates. This is a non issue.

CryofSilence1499d ago

Yes. Go to 1:45ish. They're running on 770/780 GTX cards, which are capable cards.

4ShotKing1499d ago

Umm... Have you ever played on a PC? Performance is determined by the individual Rig and let's not forget they're playing on a BETA build an unfinished product that probably hasn't gone through final optmization. Calm yo titties.

Dark_king1499d ago

"Performance is determined by the individual Rig" It should also be noted that this includes the software running also. Windows tends to be a pain when it comes to BS running in the background.

CERN1499d ago

That wasn't the BETA build.

porkChop1499d ago

Did you bother watching the video? They're running 770/780 cards. As far as PC gaming goes, those are very high end cards. He's struggling to achieve a constant 60fps on a Source game that doesn't even look that special graphically. The game doesn't seem very well optimized.

JsonHenry1499d ago

Wonder how long before a mod comes along that allows more than 6 players?

porkChop1499d ago

Considering the game won't have mod tools, and it very likely won't allow you to set up your own server unless it's rented, don't expect anything in the way of mods.

JsonHenry1498d ago

^^ I've heard that several times before. And every time there is a mod. Just takes a little longer than if there was.

LAWSON721498d ago

This game is going to be no more modable then Battlefield 4 and 3.

iiorestesii1499d ago

Well all be hearing exactly how the game sells I'm sure.

Oh_Yeah1499d ago

Do you even pc bro? It depends on the graphics card/ settings that person is using. Drop that resolution down to 1080p and put on vsync and I guarentee he'd have a smooth 60fps.

Lior1499d ago

This is not ultra gameplay, he said it was locked at high and not 1440p he just upscaled the video lol, I will be playing at ultra at 1440p with my gtx 780 SLI and asus 1440p screen so ill report back tomorrow if i get in wight the fps

Gamer19821498d ago

Youtube is not only capped at 30fp this videos recorded at 720p.. Pointeless article.. Apart from the gameplay part which shows this game looks exactly like COD with mechs.. They are trying to eat away at activisions COD army with this game i'm certain at that..

FlameBaitGod1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

That depends on the cpu,ram and vid card the guy has lol.....

Btw... at 30 secs he trows missiles and they all disappear ?

SaturdayNightBeaver1498d ago

Hm , they intentionally made it perform worse on PC so people will go crazy all over it and buy XboxOne because its better. But somehow i don't see any normal person go crazy over this junk.

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DanielGearSolid1499d ago

Is it me or does it have a very very very slightly cel shaded look?

MidnytRain1499d ago

I thought that too a few times. Borderlands came to mind at least once.

fenome1499d ago

Definitely felt that Borderlands vibe in this video. I loved that game though (both), and stay hoping they announce a 3 on the new consoles soon.

iiorestesii1499d ago

Same with ghost. They just hide it.

Rowco1471499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Annnnd still looks last gen... makes anyone feel like a winner playing against so many AI bots

Kingthrash3601499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

yeah i seen a beta vid of a guy just melee kicking bots and he was very successful...the bots are trash...even ign has a vid on the bad ai.
as i said before bots are never a good thing in a online only mp game...not to mention that there are more bots than humans. fun ..yes. skill no. its an awsome game but bots should be a option not a necessity nothing is better than pvp.

Naga1499d ago

It's somewhat weird considering how we've had decent bot AI since the days of Unreal Tournament. One would think this wouldn't be a problem...

Kingthrash3601499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

we've seen better ai in perfect dark on fact the remake that was on 360 of the original perfect dark where you can play online with bots like tf and it had several differnt bots from easy to hard to personality bots like turtle and speedy...smh. why cant tf have this? the cloud should implement something more than dumb
cloud this cloud that...but i see no cloud powered ai anywhere...makes me wonder what the cloud really is.

Dark_king1499d ago

@Naga Im sure the AI will get better there probably gathering player data to improve the AI.Great thing about server based AI is it can be improved with little to no impact on system resources.

Naga1499d ago

@ Dark_king

While I like the sound of it, I'm remaining somewhat skeptical on the gathering-player-data theory. I feel like we would have seen some sort of disclaimer from Respawn about the Grunt AI if we were getting a deliberately dumbed-down experience in that department.

Granted, we're still in the Beta phase, and perhaps this is one of the things they are still testing. Perhaps it's just a simple matter of modifying a difficulty value in the program. Who knows, at this point? Again, I'm open to the possibility of improvement - hopeful for it, even - but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high.

MysticStrummer1499d ago

@Dark_king - They say there will different AI types, which I think means the AI won't be a learning type of AI.

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ObiWanaTokie1499d ago

Weird i was excitd for this game and now i can certainly wait for an xbox one. ill just pick this up for the ol dusty non trusty 360 when she releases her loins. till then this ai killing madness isnt for me

corvusmd1499d ago

Well I'm sure it looks fantastic, but ultimately it's a youtube video, and looks just as awesome as every other you tube video

lizardman69sc1499d ago

Awesome Preview.Thanks so much..Cant wait to play this on my PC..

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