Titanfall to Have “Insane” Texture Resolution on PC; Graphics Settings Detailed

Titanfall has been affected by quite the controversy about the low texture resolution of the Xbox One alpha version, that Respawn Entertainment defined as not final while insiders described as set in stone, but looks like PC gamers are in for a treat.

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Good to know cause i will probably pick up that version, really dont care about the graphics of this game, im sure it will be fun no matter what.

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ovnipc1345d ago

Yes pc has the best graphics still im getting it for the Xbox One.

HomerJDog1345d ago

lol @ the disagrees. Damn haters

WildArmed1345d ago

Whatever floats your boat man.

Be is the controller vs kb/m, be it the coach vs table gaming, be it your buddies on steam or your buddies on Xbox Live.

A game is a good game regardless of what platform you play on.

UncleGermrod1344d ago

So many disagrees for this. You should need your steam or live account in order to post in titanfall discussions...dam haters. Oh well, any way I wanna see this game running on on plasma already. I bet it will look quite nice overall, and I'll be much too busy playing to bother watching the comparison vids.

AuToFiRE1344d ago

As much as I respect your opinion on the subject, doesn't it feel like you are getting ripped off? No mod support, lower native resolution, lower resolution textures, lower frame rate, higher price, can only play it on the xbo and not next gen.. Why?

alexkoepp1344d ago

Dang, hottest game on n4g at 56900 degrees! More than Infamous and The Order combined! Nice work Microsoft on securing the games that really count!

Crazyglues1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Ok that's cool, Looks like PC version for me then....

probably get a GTX Titan Black Graphics card to go with this Game, since my ATI 6970 is kinda old now... Can't wait to check out the beta on My PC...

It's a shame this was not on PS4 too would have probably look really good on there.. /As a PS4 gamer I must say this is the one title that I was thinking dam you XboxOne guys lucked out..

-But since it's going to be on PC too/ then I guess I'll play it there. Game is looking like it's going to be a good one.

||.........___||............ ||

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3-4-51345d ago

Titanfall is one of the few games, along with Spark, that really interested me from the XB1.

Fortunately, I don't have to buy a XB1 for either and can just play them on PC.

I hope this game does reasonably well. It's nothing amazing, but it's different enough to get other's dev's to take notice.

LKHGFDSA1345d ago

this game is supposed to be a system seller for the X1 but it's no better on the 'bone than it is on 360 or PC.

AndrewLB1345d ago

And that same thing applies to games released for both PS4 and PC since the game would be no better on the PS4 than on PC, in fact i've yet to see any PS4 version match the PC version of any game.

listenkids1345d ago


Fifa 14 and Tomb Raider for a start, if you're talking visuals, are of higher quality on console. Aside from that, there's really not much else available.

DonMingos1345d ago

The thing is the PS4 system sellers don't come out on other platforms

k3rn3ll1344d ago

So are u the one person in the world that has seen 360 footage of this game? They're is no 360 vid orf this game anywhere. Do t just make stuff up. Makes youlooknlike the fanboy u are

Dynasty20211344d ago


Moron, Tomb Raider for consoles had entirely new textures added to it over the original PC version.

OF COURSE it looks better in places. PC still has higher resolution textures overall though if you actually bother to look at the proof.

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WildArmed1345d ago

Now, I have to ask.

What is "insane"? If it's anything like those HD textures for skyrim (and that super late patch for DA2 for HD skins), I think it will be a pretty game (not that it already isn't!)

My PC isn't too great, but as long as I get a steady frame rate, I'll be happy.

Volkama1345d ago

The article makes you wonder if some people think "insane" is a technical term. It's just a word, not a measurement.

Still, it's a word that has my second graphics card purring. It likes getting attention.

WildArmed1344d ago


Exactly, I'm not a fan of buzzwords, I like to quantify what I am looking at.

Maybe that's just the engineer in me speaking.

Gamer19821345d ago

Seen videos run the game on max on PC so far though and it still doesnt look no way near as good as battlefield etc.. Doubt it will allow mods either being online only. So we could make the game look even better.

caperjim1344d ago

Good news but I remember Respawn saying that the game would look better on Xbox One due to cloud capabilities. Heres a link to one article......

JodyCones1344d ago

Picking this up on my PC, of course!

candoa1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Find it a funny that all you guy have to say i'm picking this game up for the pc. why specific? why can you just say I'm picking this game up? I wonder why?

darksky1344d ago

I don't have an Xbox One or 360 but I'm picking this up ;)

Silly Mammo1344d ago

@candoa- because MS and the press keep emphasizing how its a XBone exclusive and it isn't.

JodyCones1343d ago

@candoa That's the point, it's humor. I'm doing what everyone does in- literally every article, yet you're trying to single me out? Let me guess, it's because you play on the xbone. Or you're just not a "fanboy" -kind of guy that completely contradicts himself. Hahaha. There's nothing wrong with preferring a particular ecosystem.

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Kidmyst1344d ago

I just hope EA doesn't do their typical crap and push the game before it's ready. What I have seen looks great though!

k3rn3ll1344d ago

Fortunately respawn owns the ip unlike other ea titles. In this BBC case ea is just a distributor. So they can't put the game out until respawn says ok

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ThatArtGuy1345d ago

If I play this, it will be on PC.

ThatArtGuy1345d ago

Look! I can preorder on Origin right now! ;)

sinjonezp1345d ago


I completely agree. I do hope the game have SLI, and Crossfire support. Also, I hope that the mod community can jump all over this game. That would be insane! I know its on Origin. Hoping

MiloGarret1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

Why would yo need both? SLI and Crossfire I mean.

AndrewLB1345d ago

Jonez- Games like this typically don't get a lot of mod support simply because the type of game that it is. The ideal type of game for modders is something like Skyrim. Especially since Bethesda allows and even supports the mod community by including special launch and add-on tools. Not many devs would leave the code that accessible on online FPS games due to how easy it would be to hack.

Conzul1345d ago

Same here, if I can run it at high or max.
I have an old PC I built in '11
AMD Phenom II X6 @3.7Ghz (OC)
Radeon HD6950 4Gb
SSD Raid0 @1005MB read/600 write
16Gb DDR3

Will...will it run...(snigger) max? :P
[/closet PC elitist?]

RexLex1345d ago

I would be seriously worried, if you cannot maxout a source engine game.

MRMagoo1231345d ago

my spare parts PC under my sons bed could run titanfall on high lol you should be fine with that i guess.

Gamer19821345d ago

@rexlex actually older engines that are modified actually need a lot more resources than newer engines that are designed to run with modern hardware and at higher resolutions. This is because the engine is having to use more hardware to process all the extra stuff it normally wouldn't need.

AndrewLB1345d ago

Hehe.. Well your 3 year old setup has about 30% more graphics than the PS4 and about 2x more than Xbone since that card of yours does about 2.4tflops.

My PC is mostly from 2010, except my video card which I upgraded in 2012.

Intel i7-860 @ 4ghz (corsair H80i water cooled)
GTX 680 4gb @ 1200mhz
16gb DDR3-1600
OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 256gb + 2x1tb WD Black Raid-0
X-fi titanium HD

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OwnageDC6501345d ago

I'm going to purchase this for my PC. Insane textures and I'm sure I'll be able to buy it for under $60 bucks in no time.

k3rn3ll1344d ago

Not on steam man. Sorry ea is in control

JustPlay41345d ago

Awsome, can't wait play this game should be fun hope I get in the beta soon

OsirisBlack1345d ago

Well that settles it buying it for PC