Soraya Saga retweets today’s Nintendo Direct news

When Soraya Saga (Tetsuya Takahashi’s wife) last retweeted news regarding Nintendo Direct, it was for Nintendo’s E3 2013 presentation – and when we last saw “X”.

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mikel10151494d ago

Must...resist....hype....or else I'll have a heart attack.

cleft51494d ago

Dude X is my reason for buying a WiiU, when it comes out I will gladly give Nintendo $350.

DanielGearSolid1494d ago

I do wanna get a Wiiu to play "X"

But I'd sell it once I beat that

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago

Screw that, just give it to someone who will actually give it the appreciation it deserves.

rdgneoz31494d ago

So not to any 3rd party devs?

light691494d ago

let him sell it double the money made from one wii u consol

DanielGearSolid1494d ago

If I actually buy it I'll do a giveaway on twitter or something... No lie

Metallox1494d ago

Terrible decision. You must play games like Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 first. Then you can burn your Wii U if you want. But remember that's not good for the natural environment.

Myst1494d ago

It was speculated to have online elements. Whether it's MMORPG related or drop-in/drop-out is unknown.

MasterCornholio1494d ago

Just buy it used. Nintendo consoles are pretty reliable so chances are pretty good that you won't have any issues with a used Wii U.

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Metallox1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Must... not buy... a ticket... D:

Convas1494d ago

Too late, I bought 2 tickets.

maniacmayhem1494d ago

That train looks like it's going to Las Hypeville! I am definitely down!

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TomahawkX1494d ago

All aboard the Weltall!

Chard1494d ago

I'm on the Vierge of insanity waiting for this

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago

It's been mentioned before now, but Platinum Games and Next-Level Games have ALSO re-tweeted about the Direct, so maybe games from them too?

Dat hype train...

SpiralTear1494d ago

Next Level Games is Nintendo-exclusive, so they're probably obligated personally to promote the Direct. Platinum Games, on the other hand, is not, which means we just might get that release date on Bayonetta 2.

thegent1494d ago

It was just an employee from next level, and he says he only tweeted it cause he himself is a fan. Sakurai ( smash bros) also tweeted about it though

SpiralTear1494d ago


Kind of what I meant. Simply supporting it because they're excited for what Nintendo's up to. No real legal obligation, just a personal thumbs-up.

Some new Smash Bros. news would be nice. Even just a brand new character.

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The story is too old to be commented.