The sexy death of Parasite Eve?

Contemplicity: Parasite Eve is one of my favorite franchises. I’ve read the novel, seen the movie multiple times and recently just finished the third game in the series. (I know it came out three years ago. I’m a bit behind on my gaming.) I absolutely adored the first game though. That first game is still strong enough to keep all the Parasite Eve games in my top video game franchises of all time. Seriously, I would put it in my top three right behind Final Fantasy and Metroid. The main reason for this admiration is the series’ main character, Aya Brea.

Sadly, it is getting harder and harder to be a fan.

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stanr1563d ago

I loved the first game and it was one of my favorite PS1 games. However I felt the second game was a RE2 knock-off. Its a shame this game has fallen into obscurity.

Sharius1563d ago

i still hate squenix for kill this game and the front mission too

MightyNoX1562d ago

3rd Birthday was so bad...thanks a lot, Toriyama

DualWielding1562d ago

the history was nonsensical and the sexualization was bad, but although I prefer the JRPG style of the first PE, I have to admit 3rd birthdays' body snatching mechanic was pretty cool and innovative

MightyNoX1562d ago

I'll concede that the Body snatching thing was cool.

Pozzle1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I wish we could have had a proper PE3 instead of the mess that was 3rd Birthday. The gameplay was decent, but the story was just....ugh. What the hell did any of it have to do with the original Parasite Eve plot? D:

tiffac0081562d ago

Death is an understatement, 3rd birthday was so bad that even the person who made it happen wants to consider it an alternate reality and make a proper PE3.

Inception1562d ago

I had some fun with 3rd birthday gameplay. The music had some memorable new track besides the classic track. But the story...ugh, Toriyama really messed up soooo bad. I don't understand why SE not hiring Hideaki Sena (the author of PE) for 3rd birthday.

Pozzle1562d ago

The complete butchering of pre-existing characters was the worst thing about The 3rd Birthday imo.

For me, the worst example of this was Maeda. In the original PE game, he was an extremely intelligent (if somewhat shy) scientist who loved his work and helped Aya throughout the game. He invented the special bullets that Aya uses against the final boss, and even gave her good luck charms to boost her morale.

Then in The 3rd Birthday, Maeda is suddenly a gross old pervert who can barely keep his dick in his pants whenever he sees Aya, and it's even hinted that he spies on her when she showers. What the hell, Toriyama?! Did he completely forget Maeda's characterization from the first game?!

Inception1562d ago

I agreed with you pozzle. Maeda is a nerd, but his not a f*kin pervert. I guess the maeda in 3rd birthday is a self reflection of how obsessed Toriyama with lightning. He even gave lightning clothes as a secret costume for Aya.

If SE gonna make PE 3, i hope they make Toriyama stay away from the game! :(

Unlimax1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Ok first of all , The 3rd Birthday is NOT PE3 and Second Aya Brea is NOT DEAD ..
If anyone consider this crap called T3B as a "sexy" death for the true protagonist needs to think twice after the secret ending ( Eve is still isn't on the real world on the secret ending and it shows Aya brea hissing "congratulations , its your 4rth" , in fact Aya Brea is still alive and kicking in real life while Eve still living in her own world ) the Parasite Eve trademark is currently on unknown stage which pretty much confirms that Square Enix doesn't know how to deal with the IP considering the writer Hediaki Sena left SE by taking the name with him .. you might consider T3B as a spinoff in the meantime , Square Enix better let Takashi Tokita be the director of the next game and get rid of toriyama .

izumo_lee1562d ago

I agree with you but Toriyama only wrote the story for the game & it was the sole reason the 3rd Birthday left a bad taste in many fans mouths.

If it wasn't for Tabata's direction with its solid gameplay the game would've been even worse. Tabata had to work around such a terrible story to make it at least respectable.

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