PlayStation Classics That Must be on PlayStation Now by End of 2014

PlayStation classics that need to be on PlayStation Now before the end of 2014.

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Nero13141467d ago

Now ms and Nintendo need to try in compete with psnow

calis1467d ago

I imagine they'll see how successful it is before trying. But no doubt they're looking into it.

level 3601467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Call me stupid I didn't get to own the best selling system of all time the PS2.

So am really excited that I can finally and hopefully get to play a great line of PS2 classic games on PS4 when Sony puts them all up on PS Now.

Possibly even with upscaled graphics.

Thank You Sony.

jegheist20141467d ago

trophy support also i pray ill die happy gamer

JustPlay41467d ago

There is trophy support not sure if it for all games but it is for most of them

PickAShoe1467d ago

trophy support on psOne and ps2 classic, goodbye social life.

kingdom181467d ago

Really, how difficult would it be to program trophies into a game? I can't imagine it would be that difficult.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1467d ago

Not sure if I'd call it a "classic". But I loved Psi-ops on the Playstation 2. Us fans of it really got screwed when we didn't get a sequel after that ending :/

And now that Midway went under, we'll never get a sequel, spin-off or nothin'. Playing Psi-ops again on PSnow would qwell the pain, a bit. x)

tweet751467d ago

i own every one of those games seriously unless sony releases games on now that are not on psn already it might struggle. people arent going to subscribe if they already own all the games digitally.

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