The Dark Souls 2 Weapon Pack for Pre-orders is Not Game-Breaking

Nerd Reactor considers the situation of Dark Souls 2 including weapons for pre-orders, and finds that maybe it's not such a bad thing after all.

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Hellsvacancy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I'll keep the weapons for when I start ng+

Edit: I'll find the weapons in game so there's no point in me even using the code, pm me nearer the time and i'll give you the code if someone wants it

Harpers_Ferry1348d ago

Anyone complaining about this is just being childish.

You don't have to use the items, even if you receive them, and earned items will probably outclass these ones fairly early on. One of the more ludicrous arguments I've seen so far is that this will give new players an advantage during PvP, but any Souls player knows that advantage will only be over other new players who didn't receive the items, so it's really quite ridiculous for "hardcore fans" to complain. After a while, it really starts to sound like some teenage hipster argument of "Don't you dare help others like the things I like!"

Hugodastrevas1345d ago

Souls player/Hardcore fans probably ordered the Collector's/Black armor edition day 1 ... so they are going to get this anyway!

ALARM-clock1348d ago

Drake sword 2.0, no scaling and low stat reqs. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Master-H1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Weapons pack is rather odd for a Souls game tbh , but since you can get them normally through out the game it's not a big deal, it's not like they locked a part of the game behind pre order (like that game that you had to pre order to get hard mode) , plus you probably couldn't wield the weapons when you first start, i'm guessing they gon require some stats.
Plus serious PvPers all finish the game a bunch of times before they start pvp dueling , so there isn't much of a problem about having weapons advantage and what not.

Harpers_Ferry1348d ago

That's the part of this we should celebrating, the fact that these aren't some exclusive nonsense. If giving people early access to something can help incentivize pre-orders without screwing over everyone else, then they have definitely made the right move with this.

Hugodastrevas1348d ago

Preorders must be through the roof right now. is sold out the collector's edition (good that i ordered when announced)! I for one shall be using one of those shields on the start because the knight has no shield to begin with...

Master-H1347d ago

I agree Harpers.
@Hugod i probably won't use em because they look kinda ugly, they're just not my style, i'm probably rolling with deprived for my first class, i wanted to start with Knight but i heard he's gon have some high faith, and i don't want a faith build first.

Hugodastrevas1345d ago

I wanted to play pyromancer again but they didn't stick with the class. I always go with a mix between knight and mage (I have no touch for pvp) until i get all the trophies i can. Faith is ok but not having a shield is kind of a dick move, knight always has a shield!

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