The Gamers Lounge Podcast Ep 3: "Let's Take the 1080p Crying Down a Notch"

This week John, Erik and Nathanael talk Metal Gear, Titianfall, Minecraft, if 1080p is that important and more!

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D-riders1435d ago

This writer does not have a 4 television

TomShoe1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

"1080p doesn't matter"

It's not that I disagree with that statement, it's just that I want my next-gen console to feel, well, next-gen.

Hicken1435d ago

I disagree, but only because I think it's important to strive for.

It's just a nice thing xbox fans want to cling to and explain away.

CrossingEden1435d ago

Graphics shouldn't be the only thing that makes a game next gen. GAMEPLAY feeling next gen is more important than graphics, better A.I., better level design, more original gameplay ideas=next gen feeling.

Timesplitter141435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

1080p is important. Everytime I switch from PC to PS3, I instantly notice the difference and I am put off by it.

Framerate and resolution are the most important things for me when it comes to graphics. I like games that look crisp and run at a smooth 60 fps. All the post-processing and the bells and whistles are really just optional, and sometimes they make things uglier

JustPlay41435d ago

I think all games for this gen should be 1080p and at least 30fps, not all games need 60fps it just depends on the genre but if you can get both that cool too

mayberry1435d ago

Gaming journalists are really asking this? Adam Sessler and others are asking if 1080p is important...I'm just wondering if the PS4 didn't offer the majority of it's games at that resolution and the xboxone did, what would the discussion be like?
No, it isn't that important, is kind of important to someone who wants to invest precious time and money into a gaming hobby. It makes me wonder what issues years down the road will arise if a non-hardware upgradeable console struggles with this resolution so early in it's life cycle.

yewles11435d ago

Remember when articles lashed out when PS3 titles weren't 1080p?

stragomccloud1435d ago

Same song and dance. If people really want 1080p 60fps gaming, they need to buy a PC.

Bearsfanfourlife1435d ago

Exactly ps4 and xbox is weak compared to pcs so if you want the best resolution you shouldn't be console gaming to begin with!!!!!i I personally suck with a keyboard and mouse that's why I game on the console

LexRex1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

I can tell you one thing,.. You will need one hell of machine to run all the games this gen at 1080p @60 on very high/ultra, with some AA and aniso.. Overhead is large, games aren't optimized, bottlenecks everywhere,.. A decent enough GPU that could handle it, will cost you about as much as a console,.. and that has to be paired with equally a great CPU and ram,.. And even then there are things to consider,.. I am sure you know that.

I am mostly a PC gamer,.. Also thinking of getting PS4 (mostly because of their exclusives) ,.. Resolution and frame rate is important,.. a lot

stragomccloud1434d ago

You know you can use controllers on the PC too, right? I have an 360 controller that I use for mine. Though you can make a PS3 controller work too with some ingenuity.

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