'Modern Warfare 4' rumors have been resurrected

Last week's announcement by Activision of releasing a 'Call of Duty' game on a three year rotation has reignited rumors regarding 'Modern Warfare 4' being developed by Sledgehammer Games. However rumors regarding 'Modern Warfare 4' are not new as there was a great amount of them back in 2013.

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stanr1621d ago

Does the return of 'Modern Warfare 4' rumors excite anyone or are they just annoying?

Septic1619d ago

They should just start naming the COD series annually; COD2k14 etc.

venom061619d ago

talk about "shooter fatigue".. Good lord its time to take this cow out to the pasture and shoot it... even if it's a cash cow.. hell, Bieber is a cashcow and just as lame..

aviator1891621d ago

Well, seeing as how mw 3 was total crap, I'm not getting my hopes up.
The quality of modern warfare ended at #2.
But who knows, maybe I'll be proven wrong.

stanr1621d ago

MW3 was need to finish the story, only I felt the plot was crap as it just dragged itself on to finish the trilogy while offering nothing new in the content.

maddskull1619d ago

but this time around the devs have 3 years t make the game i seriously hope it is a good game

stanr1621d ago

Easy, Activision loves milking this series

Monolith1619d ago

How is 3 games milking exactly?
Anyways I was done after the first modern warfare. I only get the treyarch series because the actually bring the series forward in my view. Hopefully modern warfare 4 will change that. I think it will graphically be a big jump.

Iltapalanyymi1620d ago

Would this cod milking please die.

skydragoonity1619d ago

What more could I possibly want from modern warfare

TheSsus1619d ago

Tony Hawk: Check.

Guitar Hero: Check.

Call Of Duty: Not quite.

Why won't it go away???

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