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Gaming Trend Editor Ron Burke went hands-on for a few rounds with Brian Hayes, Creative Director at EA Canada with their spring-slated title EA Sports UFC. He believes that this may just be the best UFC title to date.

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MoreRPG1495d ago

If the gameplay match the graphics this game will be a masterpiece.

LOGICWINS1495d ago

It will. This is EA Canada we're talking about. As long as the bugs are worked out and there are no ridiculously hard bosses, this game I'll be a winner. First person I'm using is either Rory McDonald or Pettis.

Knightshade1495d ago

Even at this early stage it was already very fun. I do agree with LogicWins though - they've gotta nail down the glitches and bugs before release. Fingers crossed, but far so very, very good.

Clover9041495d ago

I cannot wait for this game. Graphically it looks absolutely incredible.