The Wii "Won" Last Generation. Time to Deal With It.

SuperPhillip Central writes, "A certain site that will not be named, but fashions itself as "a neutral ground where facts and evidence, presented within the confines of civil, inclusive discourse, prevail through careful moderation" recently brought to my attention something that I thought was an open and shut case. Something that was accepted a long time ago and everyone was finally over. Nope. That would mean gamers had grown up, and that's just crazy talk!

It was the idea that the Wii really didn't win the seventh generation of consoles. My first thought was "who gives a %$#%." Since we try to maintain some class on this site (and usually fail), I decided to censor myself. Then my second thought was "why does it even matter unless you're inside your room on your computer playing console wars instead of an actual game?"

It simply amazed me just how much the proverbial goal posts were being moved and how many mental gymnastics people on that site and in other places were participating in just to discredit the Wii. It all really boils down to semantics and careful wordplay, exceptions, and stipulations to revise history."

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MrSwankSinatra1588d ago

Hardware... Yes, Software... HELL NO

Phil321588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Actually, if you read the article, the attach rate for the Wii rivaled, but was lower than the 360 and PS3. Software sold rather well on the Wii, many of which, of course, being Nintendo's own titles. You don't sell over 20 million copies of Mario Kart Wii from people who have put their systems in a closet.

BitbyDeath1588d ago

The Wii is winning but you can't really call a winner until the hardware stops being manufactured and is no longer available to buy.

dedicatedtogamers1588d ago

For the first half of last gen, Wii had a ton of great games across all genres, some of the best-selling games of all time, etc. But then Nintendo just kinda...forgot that the Wii existed, and then they dropped support late 2010.

If anything, it was Nintendo's fault that the excitement for Wii died off. They stopped supporting it with the sort of games that made it popular!

Phil321588d ago

Totally agreed! One would have thought it dropped support to work on Wii U games, but then the Wii U launched with missing promised titles that were delayed a year. I don't get Nintendo sometimes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1588d ago

not because the moment Wii died Wii U early rumors surface

dcj05241588d ago

Sonic colors was the last real game for it.

MrTimesplitters1588d ago

Well it stop after skyward sword in late 2011 for me.

Concertoine1588d ago

Probably because the 3ds was doing bad and they knew the wii could sell itself.

Last_Boss1588d ago

Pandoras Tower
Last Story

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TheRatedD1588d ago

I personally love the Mario Galaxy games, but most Wii games weren't that great.

But I think it's hilarious how the 360 ended up in last place after all the PS3 went through.

lilbroRx1587d ago

Stop living in denial. The Wii was the best console in the last decade.

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NYC_Gamer1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Nintendo/Wii did great profit wise that's for sure..The console was hit with tons of shovelware/casual software and that right there isn't a win for gamers.

Phil321588d ago

The PS2, NES, SNES, and every other leading system received tons of shovelware. Perhaps those systems weren't wins for gamers, either, by your logic?

NYC_Gamer1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

The PS2 did offer way more core software in terms of quality..The Wii lineup is more aimed towards the casual crowd.

Phil321588d ago

Hey NYC_Gamer. The PS2 also had much more third-party support, so that's a very good reason why.

-Foxtrot1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

In Terms of sales...Yes

Games/Game support....not much

We got Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess for example but after that the games dissolved until it was just shovelware and the last game which was out was Skyward my opinion compared to past Zelda games it was such a step back. I think we got a good 2 and a half years out of the Wii and that was it really

Not many new IP's from them, then you have the lack of third party titles and online support to rival XBL and the PSN, something you thought "Ahhh don't worry they'll fix that with the next console" wrong was I.

Metallox1588d ago

The last game definitely was Xenoblade, I don't know where do you live but it came to the Americas in 2012, and well, it was the best Wii game in my opinion. That's why X for Wii U looks so cool, because it's being made by the same team. Can't wait.

maniacmayhem1588d ago

And the Last Story which also came out at the late end of the Wii.

lilbroRx1588d ago

The Wii had the 3 highest selling games in history.

R00bot1588d ago

Although true, I wouldn't count Wii Sports since it was a pack-in. So it had the 2 highest selling games in history, which is still an incredible feat.

Chrischi19881587d ago

Bundled games count and because of that Wii Sports counts. You all act like Nintendo caught the casuals and that is what made it so successful, but which game was it, which made the casuals buy the console? It was Wii Sports. Wii Sports moved a lot of units, many people bought a Wii just for Wii Sports, so it should get credit for that.

If it werent a bundled game, it wouldve sold less, just because the word wouldve spread a bit slower.

Every other bundle would count, too. Its the one or the other, either way, Nintendo won that gen.

Concertoine1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I used to feel the same but there genuinely is a ton of great wii games that flew under the radar. I used to bash the wii but after i kindve dug around in the deep recesses of the library i can respect it as having a lot of great games, even outside of nintendo themselves. like fatal frame 4 for those that imported it... probably the only true survival horror game along with siren blood curse.
Agree about SS. Probably the most critically overrated game ever.

SpiralTear1588d ago

I had a ton of fun with de Blob, Madworld and Little King's Story. I'd even push Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, which is the best version of RE4 to date.

Some of the best games on Wii are overlooked simply because they're not first-party.

GordonKnight1587d ago


Just so you I don't think you're a troll.

The Wii did have it's best RPGs released after Skyward Sword, which gave it some life in 2012.

Also, I never needed online support for my Wii and why would I when the 360 had it on lock. The PS3 did make a come back in the category. This makes me believe there is not a console war going on, but a online support war between the PS4 & XBONE. The Wii U is in category of it's own. I really think the Wii U is the perfect console for families. Of course it has the best kids games, but they are still great games for adults as well. The retro Nintendo games is great for parents. IMO: The Wii U fills more of my needs than the PS4 & XBONE, but the PS4 & XBONE both have must have exclusives.

This is why I got all three of the new consoles.

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4logpc1588d ago

I cant wait to see the spin in peoples comments.

SteamPowered1588d ago

Wii was very popular at my house. Until I got a 360. After Mario Galaxy 2, there really wasnt much on there anymore for me. Xbox on the other hand, had the mature games I was looking for. I went back once or twice for Skyward Sword, but all in all, it was a passing fancy. In my opinion, Wii U will get a lot more use at my house than the Wii ever did.