Infamous: Second Son Feels Familiar But Looks Enticing | Gamespot

Gamespot "Sucker Punch knows Seattle. It's the studio's home city, and it's also the setting for their latest game, Infamous: Second Son. My colleague Shaun McInnis and I got to play a short section of the game at a Sony event this week, and it wasn't the gameplay that made the strongest impression on us, but Second Son's take on the Emerald City."

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PixelKnot1586d ago

I strongly dislike the mentality that every single game of this generation needs to have multiplayer.

Indo1586d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft are competing to dominate your living room. It be nice to have some badass single player games consider multiplayer or co-op to take advantage of that mindset.

CrossingEden1586d ago

No they don't, but I definitely wouldn't complain if we had a multiplayer mode where we can play as our own created conduits. And no doubt fanboys would defend the hell out of that mode.

cyclindk1586d ago

Funniest guy on N4G, should get his own show, Late Nights with your host, Tru Tru twenny fo 7

Allsystemgamer1586d ago

"Titanfall" NO SP?! LMAO!!

See what I did there

I'm getting TF so don't call me a hater

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Bearsfanfourlife1586d ago

I hope it's not repetitive like the first two.hopfully longer then 10 hours since it has no multiplayer.they really do need some type of multiplayer since ps4 dose not have one yet besides killzone but that's not that great. I think a resistance 4 would be more appealing to me but that's not happening

madworld1586d ago

Holy crap full new gameplay from infamous second son it is amazing ,, fucking achievement guys