Infamous: Second Son On The PlayStation 4 Has The Perfect Runway For Success | Polygon

Infamous: Second Son will benefit from the first two games, but circumstances have placed it in the perfect position to break through the sales ceiling of its PlayStation 3-based predecessors. What might have been a game to help move systems has become a game that will take advantage of the insane growth of the PlayStation 4 console. The system continues to be hard to find at retail, and has gained an early lead against Microsoft in the next-gen console race. Second Son finds itself with a much larger than expected group of potential players.

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iceman13461620d ago

there are no words to how existed i am for this game

iceman13461620d ago

"existed" is a very very very smell word

MasterCornholio1620d ago

The purpose of his existence is to play this game.


mt1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

so I take it you only exist to play this game. there are no words about it.

chrissx1620d ago

For Polygon to admit this, you gotta know its for real. This games gonna be a blast

Why o why1620d ago

Dont worry, review will state all of the above plus the usual nonsense with a score of 6 for some obscure reason like....we were soooo hyped but were ultimately let down.. You can always rely on polygon to revert to type

Bathyj1620d ago

Well that still better than the 4 Tom Chick will give it.

Foxhound9221620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Yeah, coming from a Microsoft paid website, that calls every ps exclusive rubbish, this is a bold statement.

I can see it now

"Well after being exited for the game for so long, and finally getting a chance to play it, we have to say it sucks. We know, we know, the metacritic for this game is 94 but we give it a 3. The graphics were just too good, and there were some buildings in the game that didn't really look like a Seattle building. 3/10

ifistbrowni1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

whats with people not being able to spell *excited* on this site? This is twice in one comment section... and i've barely even started reading.

OT: Seems like polygon might be trying to jump ships this gen. Maybe it's due to the ps4 being so successful so early or maybe they dont want to be left behind? Who knows. But, this is undoubtedly unlike polygon. This is two positive Infamous: SS articles in two days.

Unreal011620d ago


I think it's only once. And it might be the fact that English isn't their first language. You can usually tell by the way they structure their sentences.

Foxhound9221619d ago

I hope you're not insinuating that English isn't my first language. Besides misspelling excited, there was nothing wrong with my post. Plus I use Swype texting on my phone, it messes up once in a while.

Crystallis1620d ago


or Polygon may try to rebuild their reputation. I don't trust them. They have showed their true colors.

pyramidshead1619d ago

Ha, don't be fooled man. This preview is seemingly positive but wait for the 5/6 review score it will inevitably get. Remember A. Gies is reviews editor, it won't get above 7, guaranteed.

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Meltic1620d ago

So much hype for this game i really hope it doesen't dissapoints

OllieBoy1620d ago

They say this now, but wait for the review.

They'll probably pull the "not innovative enough" card and will give it a 7/10.

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