PS4 thrives Down Under: 'Success reflects Aussie passion for PlayStation'

The PlayStation brand was the most successful interactive product in the country for the third year running.

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Lilrizky1561d ago

Glad to be an aussie PS supporter :) Been there through the lows of the PS3. Found it really surprising it sold better than 360 considering everyone I know had a 360. I even had two 360s lol

thereapersson1561d ago

Deep Down (Under)

Only on PS4 :D

Jury1561d ago

I'm also an Aussie but everyone I know is on playstation. Maybe cause I used to work for them and made them get one :)

Australia was one the first places where ps over took xbox

Lilrizky1561d ago

Good man :)

You used to work for them?! Man would I love to have that job lol

Jury1561d ago

Just as a merchandiser. Fun but only part time

Did demonstrations at a few events as well

BitbyDeath1561d ago

Saw some at JBHifi the other day.
Website isn't updated yet though.

Lilrizky1561d ago

they had a one-day online only price for like $468.

MightyNoX1561d ago

"NPD Group Australia also revealed that the PS4 had overtaken the Xbox One in the sales stakes, making it the most popular next-generation console as stock becomes more readily available in the country, topping off a wonderful trifecta for the company."

So that just leaves Brazil, am I right?

BitbyDeath1561d ago

Yep but Brazil was never confirmed, only speculated due to the much higher price tag.