Titanfall Hands-On Preview (Console Monster)

The anticipation for Titanfall is reaching a fever pitch and EA are sure to be out in full force to sling it in the direction of Xbox gamers far and wide come release on March 14th. It’s been called a COD-killer, and in Console Monster's first look preview they spoke of how this is the chance for the guys at Respawn to have a crack at former employers Activision following their exit from Infinity Ward. But is it going to live up to the hype that gamers and the games press has been blanketing it with?

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Maximilliondood is streaming with over 5 and a half thousand viewers. Hundreds of Sony trolls too. On XB1 search Titanfall in the Twitch app. Jackfrags over 2 and a half thousand viewers.

Slevon1528d ago

Who disagree's with this? Either they think you're lying or they don't people to watch. If trolls didn't want this game to gain hype they wouldn't be on every article

xFaRt0fwAr1528d ago

Thanks man for the heads up, watching it now.