Is EA taking Micro-transactions too far?

"It seems that EA and Popcap are doing A/B testing of sorts to see just how far consumers are willing to be pushed before they break; trying to see just how much money they can get out of people before they’re incensed.

And perhaps, they’ve finally crossed the line."

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snake_eater1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Unfortunately articles like this will be completely ignored by the majority of people here, or should i say sheep. They are too busy thinking about titanfall and battlefield while EA laughs at them.

admiralvic1621d ago

"They are too busy thinking about titanfall and battlefield while EA laughs at them."

What N4G are you looking at?

Most Battlefield 4 articles were negative and a lot of people have been spewing hate about the company/game since it released. All the worst news, like the China Rising DLC code not being cross-buy, PS4 version not working for many people and several other articles did really well.

The same is also true for Titanfall. Ever since it was revealed to have 6v6 online, a lot of hype was killed and several sites turned against it. Even now you can see the just under 800p article doing pretty well, since people are very quick to jump on the EA hate train.


On Topic~

I feel pretty indifferent about this. On one hand they're messing up PvZ2, which many consider a great F2P game and on the other hand, they're ultimately making themselves look worse.

I don't think many people will buy into this and we will probably hear in a week or two that it was an "error" or something just as silly. In either case, EA needs to stop living in the present and think about their future. You can only alienate people for so long until it bites you on the ***.

snake_eater1621d ago

And they still sell millions yes, exactly my point thank you.

dasbeer881621d ago

Oh please, we both know N4G users love CoD. I'm betting 3/4 of the community here bought Ghosts. XD

3-4-51621d ago

I'd rather pay $70-100 for a game packed full of content and a game that I will have fun with for years and years.

Imagine having to pay $5 to use the whistle in Super Mario 3.

Crap like this is ruining games.

Stop spending money and they stop making money.

KonsoruMasuta1621d ago

It won't be too long until they make you pay a fee to continue the game after every death.

djplonker1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Umm yes?

P.s ea if you are reading this you can pay a small amount of money to have the above sentence in a different font or colour since you like microtransactions so much!


Godmars2901621d ago

One, thought they took them too far with Dead Space 3.

Two, the problem with looking for the breaking point, that once you've found and likely exceeded it, you lose customer trust. Pretty much like they've done with me.

Cause I'm realizing that out of hand I don't buy EA games. I got sick of what they were doing with online and Burnout taking up to five minutes to actually play a game while it did checks. Then there's what they did with ME which no one either talks about or admits, which was to make into bad fanfiction with each entry.

I also ignore Activision titles automatically just because they've failed to cater to my likes in the past.

djplonker1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Is Destiny not on your radar then?

Godmars2901621d ago

I would say my interest is about the same as when ME was only on the Xbox. Its one thing that the game is likely another FPS pretending to be something else, but the idea that its going to have a subscription will likely leave me as an observer.

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