Activision Teases Call Of Duty "Captain Price" Surprise

Activision has just revealed a new teaser image from Call of Duty, showcasing Captain Price.

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IHassounah1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Maybe it's gonna be good , but I said maybe . the last time I liked a cod was when it was Front Lines

john21527d ago

it's most probably an MP skin for COD: Ghosts

Timesplitter141527d ago

Go home Call of Duty you're not relevant anymore

crusf1527d ago

Why has it grasped your attention then?

Timesplitter141527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

If 3 tons of poop suddenly fell out of the sky and landed at your feet would it grasp your attention?

cyphertech1527d ago

The ability to upset someone doesn't make it relevant. Sometimes people just hate things and want to express their hatred of them.

dasbeer881527d ago

Oh please, i'm betting most of the N4G users here bought Ghosts. Pure hypocrites.

SolidStoner1527d ago

I did it.. I sold it.. I liked it.. for a day! then I hated it again! ... :) It really was fun for a week.. after I got to know maps, guns and game modes.. it got same old boring little arcade shooter... with tons of children and campers who use every damn flying blowing noobing gadget there is.. (there are real good hardcore players.. but they are rare like dinosaurs.. mixed into pile of child poo) ;)

AceBlazer131527d ago

Nail on the head.Probably buying this one to.

ZombieKiller1527d ago

By "Price is coming" they mean this year the game price will increase.. was really cool to light up a cigar in first person after killing Macarov at the end. If any COD characters were memorable, I'd say Price definitely. Let's see what Sledgehammer can do with Call of Duty. Maybe this extra year is what they need to revive the game to what it used to be and if SH games takes this year, that's VERY good for Treyarch.

Hell, I might even start liking the series again! Wait, better not say that out loud, otherwise next years copy will be $70 for the standard. Lol??

itisallaboutps1527d ago

as much as i like captain price. they are just usimg a bunch of tactics to get us tp buy the next cod. glad i didnt buy ghost and managed to convinced my friends to do so also. you can polish a turd. but in the end it is still a turd

TheRatedD1527d ago

I hope the next CoD is good, because Battlefield has shown itself to be a poor purchase, Killzone doesn't get the love it deserves, and Titanfall is ridiculously overrated, with people saying they get bored after playing like 3 games.

With rumors of the next CoD being a big jump graphically, this could be its time to get back on top of everyone's MP game list.

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The story is too old to be commented.