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Titanfall Design Lead: Xbox One Makes It Possible To “Make The Game You Want To Make”

iGR: "Justin Hendry of Respawn Entertainment has been very vocal about the design choices made on Titanfall. Specifically when the gaming community criticized Respawn’s choice to limit the player count to 6v6 in multiplayer matches, Hendry clarified that it wasn’t a limitation, but a design choice. Recently, Hendry said that, from a design standpoint, creating a game for Xbox One isn’t all that different from the previous generation of consoles, there are simply more opportunities to make things come to life." (TitanFall, Xbox One)

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cyclindk  +   507d ago
So they WANTED to make it at 792p, it was an artistic/design choice?

I can respect that, unless it's bull, which it is, therefore I do not respect it.

But seriously, all the low poly environmental and character models, low res textures, low quality visual effects... cough blurry 2D looking flame effects... cough, and they couldn't get 1080p? This is NOT a sleight against Xbox One, that is just crappy design, I'm sorry. Thing has MORE than enough resources to do this even when compared to PS4.
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4ShotKing  +   507d ago
792p makes the game feel more cinematic XD
cyclindk  +   507d ago
I withdrawal my criticism sir
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   507d ago
Didn't The Order devs make the same excuse for the black bars 900p resolution-gate? Either way, if you want a platform where you can make the game you want, there's the pc.
rdgneoz3  +   507d ago
It's going to be 1920×800 resolution with 4xMSAA, which has a lot more pixels than 792.... They're just trying to go with a cinematic look with a 2:40:1 aspect ratio instead of a 16:9.

riseer23  +   507d ago
To be fair those guys have been saying all along that they are going for a cinematic feel for their game.Also Titanfall is a Fps while The Order 1886 is a third person adventure.
SasukeX16  +   507d ago
Same 1080p image clarity and density but wider range of sight .
brich233  +   507d ago
Thier using the Source engine, its not that impressive anymore.
NikonSteve  +   507d ago
Its not their fault Kinect is the most advanced cloud vacuum in the world.
kopicha  +   507d ago
considering the game is running on a fairly old engine, i am not quite impress with the end result that it turns out on X1. And I believe the PC version will put a slap on that statement of "Xbox One Makes It Possible To “Make The Game You Want To Make”. It is just too bold of a statement to make
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JasonRoseEh  +   507d ago
More PR talk, just like the Cloud nonsense that is now non existent in Titanfall. Just let the game be what it is and stop trying to spin it. Leave that to the talking heads at MS and let them look like the fools.
Activemessiah  +   507d ago
I want to make a 1080p/60fps game... can I do that?
cyclindk  +   507d ago
Yes, yes you may, on PS4 or PC... or chop the motha up till it can display at 1080p.
Activemessiah  +   507d ago
What If I told you... I did the latter...
AutoCad  +   507d ago
I find it funny how almost everyone that has played this game is loving it,however the people on here well u know lol..

I forgot what site im on.
BlackTar187  +   507d ago
Auto Cad thats not true. I have read a number of people and seen live feeds where they don't like it. Now the majority do but your statement is false
NoLongerHereCBA  +   507d ago
He said almost. People really need to read.

Edit: But you are right BlackTar187. A lot of people really love it, but games never appeal to everyone :)

Haha no you aren't ^^ Sorry that my initial response might sounded harsh. But there are so many people here that don't properly read and just start flaming with no good reason (not that you were flaming).
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BlackTar187  +   507d ago
Good Point Vaizard.

Noted and withdrawn i'm an idiot.

Naw wasn't harsh at all it was 100% accurate. I find no issues with your response. I misread it and commented thus inserting foot in mouth.
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cell989  +   507d ago
see this is what I detest, developers blatantly showing how much the can suck up to a big publisher. That statement alone proves how bias that guy is. I know he wants to give positive feed back to the platform he is working on, but c'mon everything goes out the window when he states something of that caliber
bamillington  +   507d ago
Blar blar blar
mcstorm  +   507d ago
Wow what is it with people who are saying they are not interested in the Xbox one or its games yet keep coming onto Xbox one articles and telling us how much more powerful the ps4 is.

We all know its more powerful but you can't play titan fall on the ps4 so that is the reason why people have got an Xbox one. Get over your self go and enjoy the console you own and let everyone else do the same.

Back to Titan fall I can't with to get this game I've got bored of all the mw fps games and for me this looks a great change.
cyclindk  +   507d ago
1) People have a natural tendency to point out BS when they see it (apparently you are excluded from this phenomenon)

2) We are ALL potential customers and we (myself included) are not all too impressed with what we are seeing; if we saw "better," we'd probably buy like anyone else.

3) We (again speaking for myself) aren't keeping anyone from enjoying anything, does negative feedback keep you from enjoying your games? There isn't anything personal against you in these comments unless you helped design the game.


My disagree wasn't PERSONAL, I simply disagree with your points in some of your statements and have explained why.
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TKCMuzzer  +   507d ago
You don't need to buy an Xbox one to play Titanfall. I also think the dev is after this kind of attention, that's why these things are said, to cause discussion, to keep people interested. So yes it is ok for PS4 owners to comment just like it is that Xbox owners comment in PS4 articles, it keeps everyone happy.
TKCMuzzer  +   507d ago
I think what he really means is "Microsoft throwing a shit load of money at EA helps us make the games we want"

seriously, I'm getting bored of all this devs kissing their financial supports ass, your game developers, you develop games, if your good enough then the platform doesn't matter.
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barb_wire  +   507d ago
I know EA & Respawn have said that this a franchise with many years ahead of it.. IMO I don't see it, unless Titanfall does something amazing and continually to do it then by the time fall comes along, this game will be done..

I can't see anyone playing this game once Destiny drops, if Destiny can do just half the stuff Bungie is promising, game over for Titanfall.. likewise, say what you will against it but when the next CoD comes out.. well, also going to cut into any player count that Titanfall will have.

Will be intersting to see the sales figures after a couple of months and see which platform is/was prefered.
ITPython  +   507d ago
Agreed, TF will have a short boost once it is released, but it's numbers will dwindle by the end of the year.

The kind of players this game attracts will be ripped away by the next COD, and for the others who only play TF to pass the time until a better FPS game comes out, Destiny will gobble them up.

TF most definitely has the Killzone syndrome, I know because I experienced it first hand with KZ2 and KZ3. The warning signs are extremely obvious to me.
Yeah reach for the stars!! lol
NoLongerHereCBA  +   507d ago
Do people really read lately? He's just saying for a designer there is nothing you can't make/design, since there is no next-gen from a designer point of view.

"Realistically you could design next-gen games on old systems and still have a new fresh cool idea, the framerate might be lower and it might not be as visually appealing. You’ll have to make concessions in other places but people like to throw the whole next-gen word out there and to me, and again, maybe this is just because I’m a designer – there’s no check box for next-gen as a designer; you just make the game that you want to make."


" No, not really, not from a design standpoint. I think some of our coders and artists would have a different answer. Design is design at the end of the day and it’s our job to kind of just look at the game we want to make and ask for things."

People jump to conclusions way to fast from headlines and instantly bash on a person that hasn't even said anything wrong. Internet heroes, wohoo.
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Gamer-40  +   507d ago
"Titanfall Design Lead: Xbox One Makes It Possible To “Make The Game You Want To Make”

End. X1 very cool console. Hater's always irrelevant, always.
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Mikethejew  +   507d ago
If anyone actually listened to some of the interviews they started development on this concept a while back and used source since it was expected to be released for last gen hardware. So what he is saying is true, it is possible on the xbox one because its not last gen constraints. That doesnt mean its not possible on ps4.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   507d ago
Come on we all know the truth stop putting out BS

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