Titanfall Design Lead: Xbox One Makes It Possible To “Make The Game You Want To Make”

iGR: "Justin Hendry of Respawn Entertainment has been very vocal about the design choices made on Titanfall. Specifically when the gaming community criticized Respawn’s choice to limit the player count to 6v6 in multiplayer matches, Hendry clarified that it wasn’t a limitation, but a design choice. Recently, Hendry said that, from a design standpoint, creating a game for Xbox One isn’t all that different from the previous generation of consoles, there are simply more opportunities to make things come to life."

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So they WANTED to make it at 792p, it was an artistic/design choice?

I can respect that, unless it's bull, which it is, therefore I do not respect it.

But seriously, all the low poly environmental and character models, low res textures, low quality visual effects... cough blurry 2D looking flame effects... cough, and they couldn't get 1080p? This is NOT a sleight against Xbox One, that is just crappy design, I'm sorry. Thing has MORE than enough resources to do this even when compared to PS4.

4ShotKing1471d ago

792p makes the game feel more cinematic XD

cyclindk1471d ago

I withdrawal my criticism sir

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1471d ago

Didn't The Order devs make the same excuse for the black bars 900p resolution-gate? Either way, if you want a platform where you can make the game you want, there's the pc.

rdgneoz31471d ago

It's going to be 1920×800 resolution with 4xMSAA, which has a lot more pixels than 792.... They're just trying to go with a cinematic look with a 2:40:1 aspect ratio instead of a 16:9.

riseer231471d ago

To be fair those guys have been saying all along that they are going for a cinematic feel for their game.Also Titanfall is a Fps while The Order 1886 is a third person adventure.

SasukeX161471d ago

Same 1080p image clarity and density but wider range of sight .

brich2331471d ago

Thier using the Source engine, its not that impressive anymore.

NikonSteve1471d ago

Its not their fault Kinect is the most advanced cloud vacuum in the world.

kopicha1470d ago

considering the game is running on a fairly old engine, i am not quite impress with the end result that it turns out on X1. And I believe the PC version will put a slap on that statement of "Xbox One Makes It Possible To “Make The Game You Want To Make”. It is just too bold of a statement to make

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