The Daily Five: Great Video Game Romances

"Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and that means love is in the air! While most people get their romance fix from films about notebooks, dancing in a less-than-clean manner, or poltergeist pottery, gaming has also had its share of loving relationships." - Travis Tucker

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-Foxtrot1474d ago

"John Marston & Abigail Marston"

I thought there was more of a romantic connection between John and Bonnie to be honest.

It's kind of the reason why I wanted to see an alternative DLC which would show an ending where Abbie dies and John ends up going with Bonnie in the end.

Xof1474d ago

The simple fact of the matter is that good romances are very rare in gaming, and great ones? Even rarer.

This generation simply hasn't had any. Closest we've had IMO would be Valkyria Chronicles.

gillri1473d ago

None of these romances compare to the Mass Efffect one becauae you can pick and choose who you want to romance and have an active part in them rather than just watching them

FRAKISTAN1473d ago

Why Does Abbie have to die? Polygamy FTW

Deep-throat1473d ago

Beware, RDR spoilers.

"Mario and Peach"

Gimme a break...